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Play-To-Earn, P2E Gaming, Crypto Game, NFT, Web Games list 2024

Best Crypto Games, NFT Game, P2E gaming List 2024: All the Play-To-Earn, Tokens, Blockchain, GameFi and Web3 featured in our overview.

Are you ready to turn your gaming passion into a lucrative venture? Look no further! Our comprehensive list of the best Play-to-Earn (P2E) games, crypto games, NFT games, Web3 games, metaverse games, and blockchain games for 2023–2024 is your ticket to financial success. With over 500 meticulously reviewed titles, we’ve done the hard work for you.

Explore the Multiverse of P2E Gaming: At our one-stop gaming hub, we’ve curated an extensive collection of P2E games, crypto games, NFT games, Web3 games, metaverse games, and blockchain games across various genres and platforms. Whether you’re into thrilling adventures, strategy challenges, or immersive simulations, we’ve got you covered. Plus, discover the tokens that power these games and connect with fellow gamers through social media links.

Immerse Yourself with Game Trailers: Get a sneak peek into the captivating worlds that await you. Watch enticing game trailers that offer a glimpse into the gameplay, graphics, and excitement that each P2E game, crypto game, NFT game, Web3 game, metaverse game, and blockchain game has to offer.

Dive into In-Depth Game Reviews: Make informed decisions with our detailed game reviews. Our team of experts delves deep into the gameplay mechanics, graphics, and overall experience of each title, providing you with valuable insights to choose the perfect P2E game, crypto game, NFT game, Web3 game, metaverse game, or blockchain game for you.

Stay Updated with the Latest Gaming News: Stay ahead of the curve with our up-to-the-minute gaming news. Discover the hottest trends, updates, and releases in the P2E gaming universe, crypto gaming sphere, NFT gaming world, Web3 gaming realm, metaverse gaming landscape, and blockchain gaming domain. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be among the first to experience the latest and greatest titles.

Find Your Top Games: Navigate our user-friendly website and explore our Top Games List to quickly identify the cream of the crop. We’ve curated a selection of the finest P2E games, crypto games, NFT games, Web3 games, metaverse games, and blockchain games that offer both excitement and profitability. Your journey to play-to-earn success begins here.

New to P2E, Play to Earn Games? Explore our FAQ: If you’re new to the concept of Play-to-Earn gaming, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with a concise FAQ section that explains the ins and outs of this exciting gaming phenomenon. It’s the perfect starting point for newcomers and a valuable resource for seasoned gamers.

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NFT Soccer Games — Game Review

NFT Soccer Games offers a digital soccer experience on the Avalanche Contract Chain, allowing you to possess distinctive ERC-721 tokens and immerse yourself in the world of soccer excitement.

RedShield Games — Game Review

RedShield Games introduces an expansive open-world multiplayer RPG, combining immersive gameplay with NFT elements to enhance the gaming experience.

Best Play-To-Earn Crypto Games List, Web3, P2E, NFT Gaming List, Blockchain Game List 2023–2024

Here is our complete game list 2024 of blockchain games, play-to-earn games, web3 games, NFT games, metaverse games, crypto games, blockchain games and P2E games.

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9Tales is a trading card game that contains valuable NFTs and a lot of earning potential

9Lives Arena

9Lives Arena is a beautifully designed scenic NFT game where the players are able to create their own NFT fighters that engage in battles to level up.

7th Seal

The 7th Seal is a tactical, turn-based, play-to-earn, multiplayer, strategy game that embarks on an epic struggle to claim the empty throne.


77-Bit, a web3 MMORPG, catapults players into the future by merging virtual and real experiences, beginning with a collection of 7777 avatars. Launched in April 2022 under the creative direction of Fanfaron, this project introduces gamers to an unparalleled fusion of Manga and Anime aesthetics, tangible encounters, and NFT drops.


0xWarriors is a competitive battler game that uses more than one blockchain. It has elements of both RPGs and adventure games. It can be played on the Web and is available on the Ethereum, Polygon, EOS, TRON, and NEO networks.

22 Racing Series

In 22 Racing Series, an RTS racing game based on esports, you can go on an exciting journey. This game is a unique mix of racing in a fantasy world and racing in the real world. It works on many platforms, including Ethereum, Phantasma-Chain, NEO, Xbox, Playstation, and Windows. You can expect a lot of racing in this gem that uses cryptography.


Get ready for a thrilling zombie-killing adventure in the year 2140, where you can fight off hordes of zombies and earn Bitcoin at the same time. This action-packed horror survival game is available on Windows and the Bitcoin web platform. Use your fighting skills, find your way through post-apocalyptic environments, and earn rewards as you go. Make it through the zombie apocalypse and you’ll be rewarded in 2140!



Across Lunacia

The 2D pixelated Axie adventure blockchain game Across Lunacia is classified as a platformer. Users who are interested in testing out this brand-new Axie experience can access it after proving that they are the owners of an Axie NFT.

Aqua Farm

Aqua Farm is an Adventure RPG based on blockchain technology and is built on Polygon Network, with a Play-to-Earn Mechanism.


Aurory is a desktop Play-to-Earn game that encourages players to explore a huge and diverse world.

Age of Tanks

Age of Tanks is an NFT DeFi play-to-earn, strategy game of battling tanks on blockchain technology.

AIFA Football

Introducing the AIFA NFT football game where you have the independence to create your own football players.


Aimbots is a new unique project in the world of blockchain gaming and WEB3. It is a super-paced, fast game of nerves and the ability to aim at your opponents in a large arena.

Age of Dragons

Age of Dragons is a Play-to-Earn blockchain game that brings something exceptional to the genre of zombies, dragons, and mythical medieval environments.

Abeats Hero

Abeats Hero is a fun NFT game where the player must battle, breed, gather, train, and create their own clan for their heroes.

Angry Ape Army

Angry Ape Army is a narrative NFT game that revolves around war, breeding, and mining. Each Ape NFT is unique and the game modes will alter as the development progresses.

Angry Dynomites Lab

Angry Dynomites Lab is one of the first multiplayer co-op crypto games, blockchain play and earn games in the market that revolves around building resources to help the Dynomites survive after the world is near extinction because of climate change.


Angrymals is a 2D physics-based multiplayer artillery NFT mobile game in which gamers engage in online, PvP battles on the field in real time.


Anichess is a chess theme strategy NFT game that meets blockchain technology to give you a Play-to-Earn gaming experience. Strategize, attack, conquer!


Anomura is a play-and-earn strategy role-playing game that makes use of blockchain and NFTs. The game has a goal above gaming, which is the conservation of the environment. It is the very first Play-to-Earn and play to donate game on the crypto games market.


Antebellum is a fantasy, play-to-earn crypto games, NFT game set on a faraway planet called Valeria where different creatures fight for the dominance on the planet.


Fabwelt Gaming Ecosystem and Metaverse have developed Arsenal, an exhilarating 3D First Person Shooter game, as a multiplayer experience.
The game presents a lifelike battlefield-style appearance and is meticulously tailored to suit both desktop and mobile devices.


Autoverse is a mobile strategy NFT game that has a turn based move system. To win games you need skill and strategy. You can play PVP and PVE game modes.

Armored Kingdom

Armored Kingdom is a genre-defying, multiplatform, immersive universe, NFT card game, that is a character-driven tale of conflict, deceit, and mystery that takes place in a medieval fantasy universe.


Arlequin is a painting art NFT crypto games that offers opportunities to its users to win NFTs and crypto using their painting skills. Arlequin’s approach, which they call #PaintToEarn, aims to enable anyone to win NFTs and cryptocurrency utilizing their painting talents. Try one of the better crypto games.


Ascenders is an AAA-category blockchain game with a vast environment of open-world exploration.

Arker: The Legend in Ohm

The story of Arker: The Legend of Ohm is set in the fictional kingdom of Ohm. The goal of this Play-to-Earn game is for your hero to recover control of the old kingdom .

Alpha League Racing

Alpha League Racing is quite simple, first, get your NFT car, and then race in events, tournaments, and online friendlies to earn rewards.

Ark Rivals

Ark Rivals is a user-generated content-based sci-fi action strategy NFT game. The game incorporates aspects from popular games like Clash of Clans and Rise of Kingdom.


Arrland is a 3D pirate metaverse blockchain game with an expandable land surrounding the fictional world of Arrland where pirates battle each other for bounty and booty.

Avarik Saga

Avarik Saga is a turn-based role-playing Play-to-Earn game in which players manage three Avarik heroes and pit them against enemy teams of three opponents.


Avaxtars, the initial Play-to-Earn (P2E) idle sci-fi game on the Avalanche platform, is now live on the Avalanche blockchain. The game’s name cleverly merges “AVAX,” the Avalanche network’s primary coin, with “stars”. As the inaugural browser-based Play-to-Earn (P2E) idle game on the Avalanche platform, it all began with the birth of the initial 10,000 Avaxtars in what’s termed Phase 1.


Although Apeiron promotes itself as a NFT avatar god game, that is only half of the story. Your soul will emerge in the world as a unique NFT avatar once you get enough followers.

Astro Space

Astro Space is a unique new upcoming game based on exploring space in a futuristic open world filled with adventures, quests, and action. The game is built on the Solana blockchain technology with a play-to-earn model.


Afar is a blockchain game where you shoot, evade, and navigate your way in an intergalactic realm with the aim to win.


Angelic is a story NFT game that combines turn-based tactical battles with unique and colorful heroes. The game takes place in a sci-fi galactic setting with a focus on narrative multiplayer strategy RPG.

Arcane Magic

Under the Lifeverse label, Arcane stands as a Web3 RPG adventure in the realm of GameFi, operating within the expansive Treasure Ecosystem. Arcane Magic is created on the Arbitrum One blockchain technology by LifeVerse Studios as a GameFi action, adventure, and fantasy game.


Arc8 is a blockchain gaming platform developed by Gamee, where various mini-games are available to play.

Apex Kings NFT Racing

Apex Kings NFT Racing is much more than what meets the eye. The game has a finite number of cars and developers say they match the real-world number of productions.

Axie Infinity

In the world of crypto games, Axie Infinity is a beacon as it is one of the most addictive, fun, and active community games. The game is built upon Ethereum and Ronin blockchain technologies and developed by the Vietnamese developer Sky Mavis. The SLP and AXS tokens are tradeable for real cryptocurrencies. Moreover, the players can sell their Axie to other players in the Axie Infinity marketplace. This Pokemon-inspired game is ruling the charts as one of the top NFT games on the Ethereum blockchain because the fun is never-ending. In our top 10 of crypto games.

Axie Infinity: Homeland

The best developer of WEB3 games, Axie Infinity, has made a new extension game called “Homeland,” which is all about building settlements in the world of Lunacia.


Axieology is set in the alternate Axie Infinity NFT game universe which has a retro pixelated design developed for mobile blockchain gaming fun.


Axiepop is a blockchain mini-game of Axie Infinity where you pop Axies. You have to solve puzzles like Candy Crush in order to pop your Axies. The player with the highest score wins.

Alien Worlds

About Alien Worlds, if you have ever been a fan of space travel and have daydreamed about intergalactic quests then this NFT game is the one for you.


Alterra awaits in Alteration, a next-gen play-to-earn NFT game with turn-based RPG and Nordic mythology developed by Legend Has It.

Art of War

Art of War is a card-based, player-versus-player RPG game that you can play on Binance, the Web, Android, and iOS. In this game, you can win your opponent’s NFT or level up your own. It has intense card battles and can be used with NFT.

Age of Rust

Age of Rust is a first-person sci-fi shooter adventure game. It can be played on Windows and can be found on the Ethereum and Enjin networks. It has NFT functionality built in.

Arcadians: Join us as we build the arcade of the metaverse!

Arcadians is a forward-thinking game that lets players help build a virtual arcade in the metaverse. Immerse yourself in a nostalgic trip through classic arcade games, where you can relive the thrill of well-known games and also help the arcade grow and improve. Work with other players to make new games, and get rewards based on how popular and successful those games are. Arcadians is a unique and community-driven game that celebrates the golden age of arcades. It is a mix of retro games and interactions in the metaverse.



Baby Shark Bubblefong Friends

Baby Shark Bubblefong Friends is a casual mobile shooter blockchain NFT game where players must match the right order of bubbles to burst them for points.

Ball Guys: Furry Road

Ball Guys: Furry Road is the ultimate mobile PVP multiplayer game that will keep you on your toes. Experience the thrill of crazy fast-paced races, dodging oncoming obstacles, using special skills, and mastering unique circuits. Our revolutionary play and earn system allows you to exchange in-game trophies and coins for exciting real-life prizes, making your victories even more rewarding.

Barbarian Merge

Barbarian merge is a play and earn blockchain game running on WEMIX platform. The game has come under the umbrella of Wemade which will help it in the blockchain market.

Blood Vessels

Kongregate is a massively successful game developing studio that has decided to enter the WEB3 mobile gaming world with the new title called “Blood Vessels”. A vampire themes NFT game where players can collect cool, horrific, and classic vampire NFTs while participating in community interactions. Kongregate has partnered up with Immutable X to make near-zero gas fee transactions in an instant manner. Electric Visions is the new Play-to-Earn NFT game development subsidiary of Kongregate which is designing the game and the NFT vampires.


Become a Bulliver Island citizen by grabbing a Bull NFT in this fun blockchain game called Bullieverse. So, the game is simple: by possessing a Bull NFT, users become Bulliever Island citizens. Moreover, the NFTs let members of the community play games using a 3D representation of their Bull. Earlier in 2021, 10,000 Bull NFTs were created, and more than 2300 wallets currently hold them. 160 different bull attributes were used in the programming design of the NFT’s.


Bitverse is a universe having several games and genres including PVP, TCG, Battle royale, and more. The gameplay centers around unique characters known as Bitverse Heroes. The game also has NFTs for players, which they can earn and own.


Blockonaire is one of a kind gaming project running on Solana blockchain where players can become crypto games investors. The project is under the banner of Diamond Hand using Solana blockchain. If you are into crypto games, try this one for sure.


Blockstars is a blockchain game for music lovers from veteran gamers and developers Niko Vuori, Cory Johnson, and Sherrie Chen. Blockstars is a unique simulation game concept where you get to finally achieve your dream of becoming a music manager. The players can participate by buying NFT singers, managing their careers,s and earning from it. Sounds fun and interesting doesn’t it?


BlockLords is one of the first AAA MMORPG strategy games, set in the storylines of medieval Europe. So, it takes place in a time of lords, knights, kings, and princes, and the game is nostalgic. Each player can develop their own hero with unique features, appearance, and attributes. The gameplay involves multiple modes of playing like 1v1, PvP, and PvE. This award-winning crypto games is already on the Tron blockchain, Neo Blockchain, and Ethereum blockchain, and soon it will be available on the Loom Blockchain as well.

Blocklete Golf

You can buy a golfer, which is a ethereum NFT, from another player or from the marketplace in Blocklete Golf. You’ll then compete in events or challenges for Medals that will help you improve your golfing talents. Your golfer will be easier to utilize in tournaments and future events if he or she has a higher rating/talents. You will be able to designate your golfer as a trainer in the future, and other gamers will pay you to train their golfers. As you can see, Blocklete Golf will offer a variety of options to generate money.

Benji Bananas

Benji Bananas is a 2D crypto games in which you control a monkey who enjoys two things: swinging on vines and eating bananas. Fortunately, in this game, you get to do both at the same time. Benji Bananas is a fun and free adventure game in which players assist Benjo on a banana-collecting expedition. It’s jam-packed with entertaining animation and graphics that provide a very immersive gaming experience.


Battlepalooza, Grab as many crypto coins as you can while avoiding being fragged in the battleground. To win the big prize, be the last of the 24 contestants to survive! Battlepalooza is for players of all skill levels, but a little strategic thinking and a dash of luck will get you a long way. In every match, each player has a chance to earn coins and gears. The last person standing receives premium coins, which can be exchanged for rare gear and skins. Premium Coins can be used to wager on Premium Matches for a chance to win big. Weekly, new, exclusive, and limited-edition clothing is available for you to collect. One of the better crypto games outthere.

BattleStar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica is a proud project of Revolving Games that is still under development. Project Saturn” is in fact a Battlestar Galactica-themed blockchain game! The game is planned to take place within the world of the legendary re-imagined series which aired for four seasons from 2003–2004 on Syfy.


BoomLand is not actually a game rather it is a decentralized platform where the NFT, Cryptocurrency gamers and the developers of the game will be able to directly interact in order to create a stronger Web3 community of the future. So. the goal is to use the available NFT gaming community towards building a Decentralized Autonomous Organization to further the cause of metaverse and NFT games. This will help create advanced NFT games with better graphics, gameplay, tokenomics, etc. If you are into crypto games, try this one for sure.

Blackshot M

Blackshot is a real fast, tactical, hardcore first-person shooter online multiplayer play-to-earn game. The game lets you earn rewards for every kill. It is available on mobile now as well.

Black Eye Galaxy

Black Eye Galaxy [BYG] is a sci-fi virtual galaxy metaverse play to earn NFT game.

Basic Beasts

Basic Beasts is a simple play to earn NFT collectible pet game inspired by Pokemon.

Battle of Guardians

Battle of Guardians is a sci-fi NFT, multiplayer, PvP battle arena, a real-time online fighting game built by the Good Games Guild using Unreal Engine.

Big Time

Big Time is an NFT third-person action RPG playable in co-op game mode. Here, players can form six-player groups and explore a massive 3D overworld as well as Epoch City, a Destiny-style hub. It looks as if this NFT game takes a lot of inspiration in terms of visuals from No Man’s Sky, Destiny, Fortnite, and even Skylanders.

Binco The Genesis

Binco The Genesis PT1 invites players to embark on a light-hearted adventure filled with hilarious encounters, unexpected twists, and satirical commentary.
Experience a visually stunning world filled with immersive gameplay, alien landscapes, and a compelling storyline.

Bit Heroes Arena

Bit Heroes Arena is a last-man-standing PvP 8-bit battle royale blockchain NFT play and own game.


BitBots is an NFT metaverse blockchain game on Ethereum where you can create your own bot by joining bits and pieces of them.


BitBrawl is a free-to-play cross-chain platformer NFT fighting game where you brawl to earn. The game offers NFT characters as well as a crypto token offering several earning venues.

Bitstar War

Bitstar War is a blockchain NFT simulation life mobile game offering a combo of fun and earn at the same time. The interstellar-themed game offers encrypted elements like BTC mining, OFFICER NFT, and in-game digital assets as rewards.

Brave Frontier Heroes

Brave Frontier Heroes BFH is the crossover of the extremely successful mobile game BRAVE FRONTIER and the no.1 blockchain game My Crypto Heroes, combining the gameplay of BRAVE FRONTIER with the economy of My Crypto Heroes.

BTC Nations

BTC Nations is a P2E web-based strategy blockchain game, where you can simulate a nation and compete with others for domination in the BTCnations universe.

Blades of Valor

Blades of Valor is an NFT game that lets you mine, level up, gear up, and fight battles to play-and-own. The game uses the BNB blockchain and offers free minting for the first generation of 5000 hero NFTs.

Blockchain Brawlers

Blockchain Brawlers is a flagship project of WAX Studios. It is a game where quirky, funny, rowdy, weird NFT wrestlers fight with each other in brawls. So, the winner earns the reward; the game token Brawlers $BRWL. Moreover, it is the first wrestling-themed NFT game on the blockchain technology platform. The players can buy the NFT wrestlers and equip them with equipment from the World Assets eXchange (WAX) with $BRWL to fight in the matches against other wrestlers.

Blankos Block Party

Blankos Block Party is a fun-filled MMO game where the characters come with true ownership as NFTs. The characters are fun-looking, cool art collectible characters. The free to play NFT game is based on the EOSIO blockchain technology. The popularity of the game is credited to its two comparatively unique features. First, the game is free to play which means there is no requirement of preliminary investment to start playing. And second, the developers have focused more on the gaming aspect of the project rather than just tokenomics and money.

Battle Racers

Build model cars, race them, and battle them. Arcade Racing. Battle Racers is a fun arcade racing game where you can build model cars and use them to race and fight in exciting battles. The game is currently in the beta stage and is built on the Ethereum platform. Show off your racing skills, make your cars look the way you want, and race and battle against other players. Battle Racers will give you a rush of adrenaline, and you can win by being the best.

Bitcoin Hodler: Arcade-style adventure bitcoin game

Bitcoin Hodler is an adventure game in the style of an arcade game. It is all about Bitcoin. Start an exciting journey where you face different challenges and pick up Bitcoin along the way. In your quest to become the best Bitcoin Hodler, you’ll have to get past obstacles, beat enemies, and find hidden treasures. The game is fun to play, has beautiful graphics, and a story that will keep you interested. Immerse yourself in Bitcoin Hodler’s exciting world and put your skills to the test in this fun arcade adventure.


In BRITARIA, an open-world MMORPG with quests, exploration, and intense battles, you go on an epic adventure. Immerse yourself in a lively fantasy world where you can make your own character, change how they look, and go on a quest to fulfill your destiny. You can talk to other players, make alliances, and fight in PvP battles to show off your skills. With its huge open world, deep story, and immersive gameplay, BRITARIA gives MMORPG fans hours and hours of fun and adventure.

Best Blind Box Choice: Intermediary Resale Platform

Best Blind Box Choice is a new platform that changes the way people think about blind boxes and collectibles. As a platform for reselling, it makes it easy for users to buy, sell, and trade blind boxes. Find a wide range of collectibles from different brands and join in the fun of opening the box. With its easy-to-use interface and clear system for making transactions, Best Blind Box Choice makes trading blind boxes a smooth experience for collectors and fans.

Bunny Knights: Medieval Bunnies on Tezos blockchain!

In Bunny Knights, players go to a funny medieval world where cute bunnies play the part of brave knights. Join these brave creatures as they go on epic quests, fight scary enemies, and defend their kingdom from evil. You can give your bunny knight unique armor, weapons, and accessories, and you can work with other players to beat hard dungeons and get good rewards. Bunny Knights is a fun and immersive game for people of all ages. It has cute graphics, interesting gameplay, and blockchain integration on the Tezos network.

Binamon: Unleash the Power of Digital Monsters

In “Binamon,” you can step into the full metaverse, where digital monsters are waiting for your orders. As you explore the huge world of Binance Smart Chain, you can collect things, fight, and get into exciting PVP fights. “Binamon” is a game you won’t want to miss because of how fun it is to play and how beautiful it looks.

Battle Wave 2323

Battle Wave 2323 is a collectible AnRKey X DeFi game where you can play to earn money and keep what you make. As you play this Ethereum and Polygon-based game, you can get lost in a world of battles and plans. Battle Wave 2323 is a unique experience for both collectors and DeFi fans, thanks to its live gameplay and crypto-themed mechanics.


BigCryptoGame is a play-to-earn game that takes players on a made-up action-adventure journey. Immerse yourself in a fun world where you can go on exciting quests and play games that are full of action. This web-based game from Binance is a live game with a crypto twist. BigCryptoGame has a unique mix of story-telling and “play-to-earn” mechanics that will keep you interested.


Bitrealm is a fast-paced brawler game that is like none other. In this minigame, you can run, tackle other players, and steal food from them. Bitrealm is an exciting and competitive game that you can play on the Bitcoin website. Join the madness and show off your skills as you climb to the top of the leaderboard in this exciting play-to-earn game.

Bit Hotel

Bit Hotel is an online NFT game on the Ferrum Network that has a social play-to-earn element. Players earn rewards by collecting NFT items and characters. Bit Hotel by Metaverse Game Studio is an online social NFT game on the Ferrum Network.

Blockchain Cuties

Blockchain Cuties is the cutest and funniest to play NFT blockchain game. Runs on ETH, TRON, NEO, Polygon, EOS, HECO + all browsers and devices.


BR1 is a looting and shooting game on the Solana blockchain, currently having just two game modes: Infinite Royale and Infinity Free-for-All.

Buddy Arena

Singapore-based web3 game creator Affyn introduces Buddy Arena, a web3 mobile game integrating Nexus World’s buddy NFTs, offering a multiplayer online battle experience. Affyn, a blockchain gaming company headquartered in Singapore, is unveiling Buddy Arena through a closed alpha launch.


BurgerCities is a blockchain metaverse with play-to-earn and free-to-play features, allowing users to own diverse NFT assets on Binance Smart Chain. Combining the metaverse with DeFi, it introduces MetaFi, where players can engage in social aspects while trading NFTs and tokens.


Bushi, from the Web3 studio Onenet, fuses distinctive aesthetics with high-speed acrobatics and combat in a free-to-play gaming experience. Bushi, an alpha shoot-’em-up by Onenet, combines Overwatch-style combat with a distinct Japanese twist. Its captivating visuals, rapid acrobatics, and promising mechanics are set to engage gamers.



Cats and Dogs

Cats and Dogs is a digital collectible blockchain game in which you take care of your pet and earn cryptocurrency in exchange. The game lets you play, move, and earn, combining all three in one fun game.

Champions Arena

Champions Arena is a new turn-based RPG-like game made by Gala Games. It has more than 100 NFT champions and items that can be collected.

Chronos: Dawn of Time

Chronos is a multiplayer, side-scrolling RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world where players interact in a social hub, venture through portals for matches, and engage in various game modes like team PvP, survival arena PvE, and mixed PvE/PvP battles.

Claw Stars

Claw Stars Game Lore: For survival experiments, thousands of Hamsters were launched into space; but, by accident, they warped into a wormhole through time. In the space of a few minutes, millions of years had passed, the hamsters had developed superintelligence, and they had suddenly found themselves in a cosmos that had undergone significant change. All the NFT artifacts you collect on your expeditions can be used to decorate your home. You can also sell them on the marketplace.


Welcome to the Crabada NFT universe where you will discover the rich past Hermit-Crab Kingdom that Crustaco, King of the Crabada, once oversaw. Moreover, obtain devoted supporters for your cause. Gather priceless materials from the mines and breed new fighters for your army. Finally, take your fair portion of their wealth by plundering unwitting adversaries or poor miners. This NFT and Play-to-Earn game has both fun and a massive earning potential.

Champion Hunters

Champions Hunters is a roleplaying NFT game in which you embody a character that hunts champions monsters, unlocks portals, collects runes, explores dungeons to collect loot, and learns the story behind the game. While you play the roleplaying game you are able to collect items that help you upgrade your character and you also find NFT items that you can use or sell on the marketplace. You will encounter various Valdorian non-player characters (NPC) along the way that can aid you in your fight against the Terror King, who wants to capture all Valdorian Master Runes.

Captain Tsubasa Rivals

Captain Tsubasa -RIVALS-” is a blockchain game inspired by the renowned “Captain Tsubasa,” a soccer manga that has left an indelible mark on football enthusiasts across the globe.

Carnage Carnival

Carnage Carnival is a free to play NFT game with in-game tokens TIX and CAC. The game’s main goal is to create a fun and challenging game. You will be able to mix and match skillsets based on your hero and equipment in a number of game modes. With that much variety, this should be able to accommodate all playstyles.

Carrom Blitz

Carrom Blitz: The ultimate Android game with blockchain rewards. Play for $RLY tokens and enjoy classic Carrom with a twist. The latest creation by Joyride has emerged on the Flow Blockchain, offering an engaging platform for virtual carrom tournaments with lucrative $RLY rewards.

Castle Crush

Castle Crush is a fun Play-to-Earn game where using a deck of NFT cards, players engage in 1v1 real-time fights to destroy the castle of their rival. There are no draws; games last between one and three minutes and end with the obliteration of a player’s castle.


Cheelee, a fusion of TikTok and GameFi on the BNB Chain, allows users to earn passive income while enjoying short videos. The game is breaking ground in the world of blockchain-based social networks, offering a unique blend of TikTok-style short videos and GameFi mechanics.

Citizen Conflict

Citizen Conflict Game: Play and Earn in Dystopian Sci-fi Team-based Shooter Blockchain Game.

Claybox: Noxal

Claybox Studios, a reputable game developer and publisher, has successfully launched several games on its own platform, attracting millions of players worldwide. Inspired by decentralized virtual gaming concepts, the studio plans to introduce its own tokens, the Noxal, which are tightly linked to games through NFTs (non-fungible tokens).


Cornucopias ‘The Island’ is an open-world MMO offering Play-To-Earn, Build-To-Earn, and Learn-To-Earn blockchain game.

Cosmic Clash

Cosmic Clash is a blockchain NFT game where players create an armada of the most powerful starships in their fleet to defeat their enemies!

Cosmic Champs

Cosmic Champs is a play to earn, tower rush, real time strategy blockchain game developed by gaming studio, Mad Shapes.

Cosmos Heroes

Cosmos Heroes is the very first highly immersive AAA, superhero NFT metaverse game, with dynamic gameplay, and exhilarating graphics.

Cosmic Isles

Cosmic Isles is a metaverse-based, play-to-earn RPG game, where both the developers and the community create games and experiences. Here you can create the metaverse of your dreams!

Cosmic Fomo

Cosmic FOMO is an app that allows learning crypto trading in game form and earning without risking your actual assets.

CozyVerse Game

Cozyverse is a platform ecosystem for a variety of games on the Polygon network, it brings people together to play, earn and have fun. It has multiple survival games on its blockchain platform and offers NFTs in rewards. These games are Fishin Frens, Cozy Island, Cozy Penguins, and the Cozy Shop.


CryptoFights uses the BSV blockchain which is a paradigm change in blockchain technology due to the transparency and security it provides. Moreover, CryptoFights is a single-player role-playing esports 3D battle game where players battle each other out in a one-on-one fight. So, basically, it is a 1v1 gaming mode with a single fighting round where each battle ends when one of the player’s energy points reaches zero. One of the better crypto games.


Cyball is a sports strategy trading card game where players pitch their players against each other in matches to win coins. The game’s character design is very fun and offers a wide range of characters that are collectible NFTs. Cyball introduces the concept of CyBlocks which are certificates that are not replicable cryptographically. Moreover, they are NFT’s having their own unique ID that lasts forever. In addition, the lower-numbered CyBlocks are the most valuable ones. CyBlock NFT lets you participate in Cyball’s gameplay.


CryptoBlades is an NFT game based on the Gamefi format where the players roleplay as powerful sword-wielders and earn money while doing it. Developed by the Riveted Games studio, the tokenomics of the game uses $SKILL tokens. These SKILL tokens are won by participating in different raids, expeditions, duels, and destroying enemies. As participation in various in-game matches increases, so does the skill of your sword-wielding character. If you are into crypto games, try this one for sure.


CrypantCrab is an NFT game where gamers can Play-to-Earn by creating their own crab NFTs. Each crab is a unique piece of art with different qualities based on different base elements like fire, metal, earth, spirit, and water. Each crab has the ability to mutate one body part and grow a new power. It costs 1 cryptant to mutate a crab but it has minute possibilities of turning into a rare mutation. However, there is only a 5% chance of that rare mutation, however, this percentage of chance can grow with each attempt.

Crazy Defense Heroes

Crazy Defense Heroes, developed by the Animoca brand, is a Play-to-Earn NFT tower-defense game that is free-to-play meaning there is no need to pay any money at the start. There are many titles in the domain of mobile gaming with similar gameplay. What makes Crazy Defense Heroes different is its beautiful 2D interface, vibrant colors, and immersive sound effects. Moreover, it also comes with a feature of earning money through in-game tokens and NFT’s.


Cryptobots is a fun, creative, fight-to-earn, PvP game. The game offers plenty of earning opportunities where players can also produce, build, and rent NFTs. The game has addictive gameplay and is a promising play-to-earn game.


Conquest.eth is an open-ended Play-to-Earn space strategy game to conquer planets and other species in the universe based on the Ethereum blockchain. Conquest. eth is the brainchild of a Scottish blockchain game studio Etherplay. The game dynamics will focus on space exploration and the conquering of various planets and realms. What makes Conquest different from the other blockchain games is that it is completely on the Ethereum blockchain.

Cometh Battle

Cometh Battle is a next-generation blockchain game with an emphasis on fair play economics. This ERC20 game is both free to own and free to play. Players fight in galactic wars using their deck of cards with strategy and timing. Cometh does not sell the cards; instead, the players create them with the resources they earn from winning battles and tokens available in DeFi protocols. Cometh hosts events and championships in order to strengthen the community and promote eSports.

Copium Wars

Copium Wars is a blockchain crypto game employing play to earn and NFT mechanisms introducing degeneracy, conflict, and conquest games with an experimental on-chain approach.

Colonize Mars

Colonize Mars is a blockchain simulation that is powered by WAX. It combines strategy, exploration, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to make an exciting game about starting a life on Mars.

Chromatic Souls AFK Raid

About Chromatic Souls AFK Raid, this crypto games is set in a medieval environment. You play as a member of the Adventurer Alliance, an organization tasked with dealing with the monster’s battle. A danger that is posed by the Chromatic Dragon, is bringing more and more creatures into the world. One of these crypto games you should try.


Chainmonsters is a blockchain-based Play-to-Earn massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that started on the Ethereum blockchain before transferring to the Flow blockchain. To enable its play-to-earn paradigm, the game makes use of non-fungible tokens (NFT’s). This allows gamers to earn bitcoin by buying, selling, or trading in-game assets on the Chainmonsters marketplace.

Chain Myth

Chain Myth is an FPS MOBA NFT blockchain game featuring NFT hero characters following the play to earn gaming model.

Chain of Alliance

Chain of Alliance is an on-chain role-playing and strategy multiverse game. It features NFTs and a fantasy/science fiction scenario.

Champions Ascension

Jam City game developers, known for many famous mobile games came out with its first NFT game, Champions Ascension. The game focuses on NFT characters called the Prime Eternals who battle each other, explore the landscape of the fictional world Messina, and earn tokens through playing. Only 10,000 unique Prime Eternals will be minted ever.


CRYOWAR is an exciting NFT game built on the Solana network using Unreal Engine. It combines real-time multiplayer PVP arenas with blockchain features like DAO voting, NFTs, and decentralized finance (DeFi).

Crypto Raiders

Crypto Raiders, as the name suggests, is an NFT game falling in the RPG, PvP format. The game works on the RNG (Random Number Generator) method of playing so that there is a sense and element of thrill, mystery, and unexpectedness in the game. The players have the opportunity to own NFT characters with complete ownership. Therefore, giving them the right to buy, sell, and trade in the marketplace. If you are into crypto games, try this one for sure.

Crypto Unicorns

Crypto Unicorns is a role-playing farming RPG game developed by Laguna Games where the farms and the animals are NFT’s that the players can own, trade, sell and invest in to build up assets. The game includes more than 10 thousand unique 3D, colorful and cute unicorns. In the start, these unicorn NFTs are available in the market as eggs and hatch to grow and breed your herd. Later on, players can buy fully grown unicorns from other players as well as the game store. Based upon Polygon, Crypto Unicorns focuses on providing a farming simulation with fun tournaments and games involved with other players, both in 1v1 format and joint competitions.

Chibi Fighters

Chibi Fighters is a game full of action and adventure where you can fight live battles between cute Chibi characters. Join the fun player-versus-player (PVP) battles on the Ethereum and TRON blockchains through the web platform. Even though it doesn’t have non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Chibi Fighters is still a fun game to play. Prepare to dive into the world of Chibi Fighters.

Cyberpunks World

Cyberpunks World is a thrilling 2D MMORPG set in a futuristic world on the Ethereum blockchain. Players can travel through multiple cities filled with exciting in-game activities.


ChickenHunt is an idle game in which you take care of your own characters and help them grow. Jump into the arcade-style gameplay and watch your character grow and change. ChickenHunt is a live gaming platform that can be accessed through the web and runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Even though it doesn’t have cryptocurrencies or non-fungible tokens (NFTs), this game is fun and relaxing to play.

Crypto Brawlers

In the game Crypto Brawlers, you can collect, trade, and fight with Brawler cards. It’s a fighting game built on Ethereum that you can play on the Web.


Cometh is a blockchain game that is powered by DeFi and has yield NFTs. It’s a card game with a space theme that can be played on both the Ethereum and Polygon networks. You can play it on a platform on the Web.


In the game CryptoServal, you can get animals and beat the boss. It is a collectible game that can be played on the Ethereum network and the Web.

Clash of Streamers

The most popular NFT game on both iOS and Android. F2P. Adventure Casual RPG. The popular mobile game Clash of Streamers is available on both iOS and Android. It has become very popular and is known as one of the games that make the most money. The game is an adventure casual role-playing game, and you can play it for free. Clash of Streamers is built on the Ethereum platform and can use NFTs. Immerse yourself in a lively world with fun quests and interesting gameplay.

Clash of the Aces: Third-person sci-fi battle royale

In Clash of the Aces, you can jump into a futuristic sci-fi world and fight exciting battles from the third-person perspective. This battle royale game is available on Windows, Ethereum, and Enjin. Fight your opponents in intense firefights, use advanced weapons, and outsmart them to win. The game has beautiful graphics and a fun way to play that will keep sci-fi fans on the edge of their seats. In Clash of the Aces, you can join the battle and show off your skills.

Cryptonom: Digital creature ecosystem on the Enjin Blockchain

Cryptonom wants you to join an ecosystem of digital creatures that runs on the Enjin Blockchain. This adventure-themed collectible RPG can be played on Ethereum and Enjin, as well as the web, Windows, Mac, and Linux. Explore a huge, changing world full of unique creatures, go on exciting quests, and fight in battles where strategy is key. As you level up, you can collect, upgrade, and trade your digital creatures as NFTs, making a unique and valuable collection. Get lost in the world of Cryptonom and let your creatures do what they can.

CHOJO CryptoGirlsArena: Anime fighting girls on Ethereum

CHOJO CryptoGirlsArena is an exciting anime fighting game that you can play on Ethereum. Join a team of fierce and stylish fighters and fight other players in tough battles. Use your own special moves, combos, and abilities to beat your opponents and move up in the ranks. CHOJO CryptoGirlsArena brings the excitement of anime battles to the blockchain with beautiful graphics and fun game play. Enter the arena and show how good of a fighter you are.

Contract Servant: CSCG TCG running on the Ethereum Blockchain

The Ethereum Blockchain runs Contract Servant, which is a trading card game (TCG). Immerse yourself in the world of Contract Servant and build a deck of powerful cards. Use the unique abilities and interactions of your cards in strategic battles against other players. Get rare and valuable cards as free-to-play (FTP) cards, trade them with other players, and use them to improve your deck. Contract Servant is a TCG that you can play on Android, iOS, and the web. It combines blockchain technology with an immersive TCG experience.

Chain Clash: Collectible and battle game

Chain Clash is a unique game because it combines collecting items and fighting. You can play this game on the EOS blockchain, and you can collect and own different characters, each of which has its own traits and abilities. Take part in exciting battles with other players, plan your moves, and show off how strong your collection is. Chain Clash lets you play in a way that is both immersive and competitive, and your collection becomes a key part of your success. Come into the world of Chain Clash and show how good you are at collecting and fighting.

Chain of Legends

Chain of Legends is an immersive blockchain-based tactical wargame and strategy game that transports players to a medieval world teeming with strategic challenges and thrilling adventures.

Chains of the Eternals

Chains Of The Eternals pioneers the DeFi realm with its open-world MMORPG, blending DeFi innovations with captivating gameplay on par with conventional MMORPGs.

CryptoDozer: Collect, combine & sell in the arcade

You can play CryptoDozer 2.0, which is a blockchain-based arcade game, to collect, combine, and sell digital assets. You can play this arcade and collectible breeding game on Ethereum. It lets you control a virtual claw machine to get unique items. Mix these things together to make more valuable assets, which you can then sell on the market. CryptoDozer is fun and rewarding for both collectors and gamers, thanks to its addictive gameplay and use of the blockchain. Step into the arcade and start sleeping to win.

CryptoGuns: A Unity made, 2D turn-based tactical game!

The Unity engine was used to make CryptoGuns, which is a tactical game played in turns. Fight exciting battles with a wide range of weapons and strategies. Plan your moves, think faster than your opponents, and win on the battlefield. CryptoGuns is a unique game for players who want to test their tactical skills. It has 2D graphics and is fun to play. Collect and improve your weapons, make your characters unique, and fight in intense PvP battles to show off your skills. Join the CryptoGuns community and show off how good you are at making plans.

Celebrity Smack Down: Celebrity-themed strategy card game based on Nervos

Celebrity Smack Down is a fun strategy card game that has all the glitz and glamour of the entertainment business. Build your deck with well-known people from different fields who each have their own skills and abilities. Take part in intense strategic battles, outsmart your opponents, and climb the ladder of fame. Explore a world full of famous places and earn special rewards as you move forward. Celebrity Smack Down is fun and interesting for players of all backgrounds because it mixes celebrity culture and strategic gameplay in a unique way.

Colony Online: 25,000 Unique Space Animals

Colony Online lets you go on a fascinating trip through space where you can collect and take care of 25,000 different animals from space. Explore faraway planets, find rare species, and build a thriving colony for your friends who are traveling through space. Talk to other players, trade animals, and take part in fun events in the community. Colony Online is a great game for people who like to explore and take care of animals. It has a huge universe, a wide range of animals, and interactive gameplay.

CryptoBeasts: Hatch Rare Eggs and Embark on a Fantasy MMORPG Adventure

In the world of “CryptoBeasts,” you have found a rare egg that promises exciting new adventures. As you play an exciting fantasy MMORPG, you can hatch your egg and find unique and powerful creatures. Set your beasts free, complete hard quests, and make your own way to glory.

Crypto Spells

Utilizing blockchain, “Crypto Spells” is a digital card game enabling card ownership visualization, issuance tracking, and Ethereum-based card trading.
Cryptospells introduces a digital trading card game, offering ownership and trade of limited-edition digital assets.

Coin Pirates: Set Sail on an Exciting Blockchain Adventure

Ahoy, matey! “Coin Pirates,” the best blockchain game with a pirate theme, will take you on a wild adventure. Dive into exciting adventures, find hidden treasures, and fight in epic sea battles. “Coin Pirates” will keep you hooked for hours on end with its interesting story and fun gameplay.

Celestia Ultimate

Gather, nurture, and engage in combat alongside Champions within Celestia Unlimited, an Unreal Engine 5-powered blockchain RPG. Celestia is an exciting journey where players work together to gather 71 champions. They become friends and make new partnerships while collecting these powerful characters.


In Celestial, you can build your Star Alliance and go on a Sci-Fi MMO adventure. Celestial is a game set in space that you can play on the OEC platform. It lets you explore a huge universe and make your own Star Alliance. This immersive game combines elements of both DeFi and MMO games, so you can build, plan, and fight in space. Celestial is available on the web, Android, and iOS. It offers a deep and interesting experience for both crypto fans and space fans.

CatNIP World

CatNIP World is a fun game where you can collect cute cats and fight exciting battles with them. This auto-battler game can be played on the Binance platform. It combines the fun of collecting unique cat NFTs with strategic gameplay. In this cute and addicting game, you can jump into the world of CatNIP World and fight tactical battles with cats.

Cloud Castles

Cloud Castles, a cutting-edge Action-Strategy game, harnesses the power of Unreal Engine 5 and Web3 blockchain tech. Players collect and evolve fantasy creatures for thrilling, fast-paced battles.

Cloud Castles masterfully blends RPG elements with real-time strategy and tactical gameplay. Players delve into a world where they gather and enhance fantastical creatures, assembling teams in awe-inspiring environments for high-octane battles.

Continuum World

Continuum World is a free-to-play MMO where players can freely explore, build, collect NFTs, and earn the UM token. Continuum World is a massively multiplayer online game where players can freely explore, build buildings, gather resources, level up, compete, make friends, and earn the UM token.


You can build your own crypto cars with CryptoCars and race them in fun races. This multiplayer racing game can be played on Binance, the web, Android, and iOS. Immerse yourself in the world of crypto-powered cars and compete with other players for glory. You can enjoy races at your own pace because you can cancel them. CryptoCars is a great choice for people who like racing games and games with a crypto theme.


CryptoBattles is a one-of-a-kind GameFi game with Play2Earn features. This game is fun to play because it combines DeFi logic with PVP (Player vs. Player) gameplay. In a Binance web environment, you can explore a world where battles and strategies are tied together. CryptoBattles is still in the alpha stage, but it promises to be a fun game with a crypto twist.


CryptoWars is a game where you can join forces, call up armies, and fight epic battles. This Ethereum-based game takes place in a world of battles and strategies and gives players a deep experience. In CryptoWars, you can team up with other players, take over territories, and show how good a strategist you are.

Candy Pop Duel

In Candy Pop Duel, an exciting match-3 game with EOS prizes, you can get ready for thrilling one-on-one battles. As you battle against other players, your logic and puzzle-solving skills will be put to the test. Candy Pop Duel is a fun game that you can play on the EOS web platform and Android devices without having to use cryptocurrencies. You can fight with your friends or in ranked battles as you try to win.

Cards of Ethernity

Cards of Ethernity (CoE) stands as a blockchain-rooted digital collectible card game with competitive play-and-earn dynamics at its heart. This blockchain-driven game bestows users with the freedom to trade and vend cards akin to tangible assets.


Cyberstella, a Japanese space opera, fuses futurism and blockchain to forge an expansive media universe. It’s a compelling Shoot ’Em Up game on the Avalanche network. In the evolving narrative of Cyberstella, the story is a collaborative creation between the community and the game’s core concept.



Dracoo Master

Dracoo Master is a card-collecting NFT game on the WEB3 that focuses on deck-building and combining different skills to create unique attacks. This allows each battle to be unique like none other and it avoids gameplay repetition that is very common in card collecting games.

DeFi Land

DeFi Land, as the name suggests, is a decentralized platform for an NFT-based game of agricultural simulation. The game will have features like any other farming simulation game with two significant differences. First, the game developers have not created new protocols, rather they have worked with already existing ones hence making it a decentralized game, meaning that the community will be the owner of the game assets and the game itself.


Defitankland, an exciting MMO tank game, uses the Arbitrum blockchain to provide a riveting and immersive gaming experience. Designed with user-friendliness in mind, it welcomes both newcomers and seasoned gamers, boasting intuitive controls and straightforward mechanics.

Dustland Runner

Dustland Runner is a move to earn crypto games where you will explore, survive, and earn real money. After a cataclysmic event, the earth witnessed a solar flare calamity on a global level. The reaming after this cataclysmic event is only a big ball of barren land and deserts. This is an NFT game with $DOSE tokens.


From the DeHorizon metaverse project, based on Binance Smart Chain technology, DeVerse is the first game to come out. The game has a rich storyline starting from the origins of the universe called Deternity to the gods created by it called Deternals, whose goal is to destroy parallel timelines of the universe. Moreover, one of their targets became the race called Numens and they sent a natural calamity towards them in the form of the Hepta-Crest Dragon.

DeFi Kingdoms

DFK is still in the works and promises to be one of the most interactive NFT games going forward. Defi Kingdoms (DFK) is an exciting pixelated 8-bit style RPG world with a decentralized exchange (DEX), a liquidity pool (LP), and utility-driven NFTs on Harmony. The game revolves around mythical cards, castles, dungeons, and strategy play. Connect with the Harmony network and start playing the game. Remember to buy Harmony tokens to start playing.


Decentraland is a fully immersive virtual world powered by blockchain technology. This real estate metaverse lets you buy land and build various buildings upon it from houses to theatres, offices to museums, banks to shopping malls, grocery stores to sculptures, landscapes to towers, and anything at all. The platform is a real estate metaverse where players can not only build buildings but build a new community.


Deadrop is a free to play AAA vertical extraction shooter VES NFT game bringing the online multiplayer competition to new heights. The game’s studio is Midnight Society led by the famous YouTuber and content creator Dr. Disprespect.

Deep Mine

Deep Mine is a WAX-based NFT strategy card game with multichain options that make the game play unique and easy to learn.

Dark Country

Dark Country is an all-American gothic game that allows you to create, manage and own NFT cards with complete transparency. You can build your deck of creatures, spells, and skills for each game mode. You are the sole owner of every card in your deck. Any player’s items can be changed, upgraded, traded, or destroyed.

Degens and Dragons

Degens & Dragons is a web3 play-to-earn RPG, an NFT-locked on-chain game. It’s a competitive battle tournament where players battle foes, loot, upgrade, and vie for Sui prizes in a week-long challenge.

Dookey Dash

Dookey Dash is an action-packed “runner style” adventure based on Bored Ape NFTs. Players can collect and trade unique digital apes called Dookeys while completing challenging levels in this skillful endless runner game.

Dungeon Universe

Upcoming MMORPG with legendary and epic NFTs. Adventure action MMORPG. Dungeon Universe is a new massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that will be released soon. It has epic and legendary NFTs that make the game more interesting. Dungeon Universe is a thrilling MMORPG because it has both action and adventure. The game is in the alpha stage right now and can be played on Windows. It is built on the Enjin platform and can handle NFTs.

Dozerbird: A blockchain-based arcade game

With Dozerbird, arcade games are played on the blockchain. This arcade game with collectibles is made with Ethereum and can be played on the web. Control the Dozerbird, a character that is powered by blockchain, and make your way through difficult levels with obstacles and rewards. Collect items that are only available in the game, earn achievements, and compete with other players for the highest scores. Dozerbird is a new and exciting game that has fun and addicting gameplay and uses blockchain technology.

Dine Together: Restaurant simulation game

Dine Together is a fun restaurant simulation game where you can build your own food empire and run it. Take on the role of a restaurant owner and build your dream restaurant, come up with tasty recipes, and feed virtual customers. Grow your business, hire talented people, and make a restaurant that makes people want to come back for more. Dine Together is a game about running a restaurant. It has elements of strategy, creativity, and simulation, and it is fun and immersive.


You can run your own country, build cities, and change how civilizations work in DeNations. This Ethereum-based game is a mix of cards, DeFi, and strategy. As you play, you can earn rewards. Join this world and take over DeNations to show off your strategic skills.

Derivative Outstation 119

With Derivative Outstation 119, you can jump into a world where business, travel, and fun all mix. This fun PVP racing game can be played on both iOS and Android devices through Solana. Get behind the wheel and race at high speeds to show off your skills as you explore a world full of fun things to do.

Dark Forest

Dark Forest is an exciting real-time strategy game made with zk-snarks technology on the Ethereum network. It is set in a decentralized world. Immerse yourself in a world with a space theme and fight in tough PVP battles. Dark Forest, which is still in beta, promises to be an immersive experience that doesn’t need cryptocurrencies. Use your strategic skills to take control of the vast Dark Forest!

Drone Racing Arcade

With Drone Racing League’s free-to-play mobile game, you can race drones on neon arcade courses for real-world prizes.

Dark Taverns

Dark Taverns is a free-to-play, turn-based, MMORPG where players can embark on a journey in a brand new fantasy world to explore.

Domi Online

Domi Online is an MMORPG, Play-to-Earn, PvP and Multiplayer game, set in a medieval fantasy world where there is no level or skill cap, with death having severe consequences.

Derby Stars

Derby Stars is an NFT-based horse racing metaverse game where players can breed, grow, build, and trade.

Dragon Master

DragonMaster is an innovative blockchain-based Metaverse game made by Magic Hat. It combines RTS, MOBA, Collection, and Play-to-Earn elements.


Dimensionals is the latest game from Mino Games. It is a blockchain-based NFT RPG with both free-to-play and pay-to-own options. Dimensionals is a new kind of NFT-based RPG that puts players right into the world of WEB3 gaming.

Dimension X

Dimension X is a strategic role-playing game made by Crypthulu studios on the Flow blockchain. It is set in the exciting world of comic books and has both Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn features.




Eldarune stands as a pioneering Game Factory, creating AI-Powered Games with seamless interoperability. The NFTs acquired within Eldarune Factory hold versatile utility across multiple games. Moreover, the exclusive token of Eldarune, ELDA, fuels the dynamic ecosystem, unlocking thrilling opportunities for players and NFT enthusiasts alike.

Eternal Dragons

Playing the Solana blockchain-based game Eternal Dragons lets you earn Eternium for your accomplishments. The currency of the Eternal Dragons universe, eternium, is also necessary for completing a number of missions. Moreover, this token will be used for a variety of things, such as leveling up dragons, healing dragons, breeding, collecting competition registration fees, decorating town halls and other buildings, producing resources, mining, performing spells, and potions, and teleporting.

Echoes of Empires

Echoes of Empire is a 4X strategy game made by Ion Games. It is set in a war-torn galaxy and has an epic strategy sci-fi background.


Edenbrawl is a 4v4 competitive ‘Mobrawler’ game, blending sports and combat as teams strive to score in the enemy’s goal. Edenbrawl offers multiplayer fun with sports-fighting fusion.

Ef Defense

EF Defense is a strategic mobile tower defense game on iOS and Android which is set to expand and relaunch on the Immutable zkEVM Ethereum with the mission to protect Akaros.

Evolution Land

Evolution Land is a blockchain game that uses Darwinia Network’s cross-chain technology and features two “continents” on Ethereum and Tron. You may purchase and sell land, manage your space, harvest crops, and construct structures. Moreover, there are 26 continents in total, each with its own blockchain, and the game has over 5 blockchains involved in its lands and NFT’s.


Ethlas is a Play and Earn Metaverse, crypto games, which has a lot to offer. As soon as a person connects their Metamask wallet to their website, Ethlas introduces classic, arcade-inspired games to them on the browser, such as Candy Crush, Tower Builders, and Tetris, with the goal of onboarding individuals into cryptocurrency.


Etherorcs is a blockchain crypto games where Orcs are mythical gruesome monsters that are bloodthirsty and always willing to engage in battles. Etherorcs is a 100% on-chain game that involves Orcs as NFTs pitched against each other in PvP fights or in raids of dungeons. The game uses Ethereum and Polygon networks. Moreover, it has three game modes including pillaging, raiding, and dungeons.

Ember Sword

Ember Sword is a blockchain game having the concept of nations and a dystopian moon. Thanabus moon will host the four nations; Solarwood, Duskerton, Sevrend, and Ediseau. In addition, Solarwood will host alpha testing, with the rest of the nation’s set to open in 2023 and beyond. Upon character creation, players choose one of the four nations to call home once the game is finished.


Era7: Game of Truth is a trading card game based on the blockchain. Players can earn ERA and GOT tokens by collecting NFT cards and playing the game on the Binance Smart Chain network.


Evaverse is a digital landscape where the players can deeply immerse into the metaverse and fully experience the virtual world through playing different games. It is an NFT social sports game on the Steam platform that allows the players to host their own servers and battle each other in PvP style on the sports field. The game comprises many games like Hoverboarding, Low Gravity, Soccer, Tag, Railgun, and Bowling. In Hoverboarding, the players battle each other out in a Hoverboard race.

Addicting Games Inc. created the instant-play blockchain game You can play on any browser of your choosing without having to download anything because it is a web game. With skills like teleportation and triple jumping, the game places a strong emphasis on mobility and gunplay.


Everseed is an upcoming Play-to-Earn, massively multiplayer online (MMO) game on the Solana blockchain. The game offers a farm experience mixed with scavenging for seeds but with real monetary benefits. There is still much to know about the game but as far as we know, the game is about farming and strategy. In the Everseed world, players hunt and scavenge for rare seeds in the deep flora and fauna of the metaverse.


Emitters is a shooter game that is full of action and challenges you to fight, change, and stay alive. In this web-based game, you can fight in exciting battles and solve changing problems. Even though Emitters uses some blockchain technology, it doesn’t use non-fungible tokens (NFTs). As you dive into the world of Emitters, you can expect to feel your heart beating fast.


eXode is a game about colonizing space that takes place in a made-up universe. It’s a strategy game where you can buy and sell things inside the game. It is in the beta stage right now, and you can play it on the Hive Web platform.


EVAVERSE is a platform for socializing that was made for the NFT community. It has minigames, party games, racing games, and more. It is based on Ethereum, and Windows can be used to play it. It can do things with NFT.

Enemy Metal

Gather resources and fight dangerous enemies! Space Flow Adventure Arcade. Enemy Metal is a space-based adventure arcade game. As a player, you have to gather resources and fight dangerous enemies. The game can be played on Windows and Android, and it is in the process of being made. In Enemy Metal, you can go on exciting space adventures and solve difficult problems.

EOS Knights: First EOS mobile game!

The first mobile game built on the EOS blockchain is EOS Knights. Step into a fantasy world where you can do quests, fight monsters, and find treasures. As you move through the game, you can go on epic adventures, fight scary monsters, and collect useful items. EOS Knights combines the immersive gameplay of traditional RPGs with the security and openness of blockchain technology. Join the growing group of people who play EOS Knights, and take your mobile gaming to a new level.

Endless Battlefield: The military strategy and exploration NFT game

Endless Battlefield is a military strategy and exploration game with NFTs that pulls you into the action. Step into a world of strategic warfare where you lead your army and take over territories. Fight in fierce battles, improve your army’s strategies, and grow your empire. Explore places no one has been before, find useful resources, and take over the virtual world. Endless Battlefield’s creative use of NFTs gives players the chance to own and trade unique virtual assets, which makes strategic gameplay more fun.


Econia is a unique business simulator that combines idle, tycoon, and city-building elements in a way that works well. Fans of business tycoon and management simulator games who have been waiting for a real MMO with mechanics from their favorite games will love this game. Other games have tried to add a multiplayer twist to similar gameplay, but none of them have been successful until now. Econia is a game that takes blockchain gaming to a completely new level.




Fableborne is an action role-playing game genre promising top experience in strategic base building. The game’s biggest feature is that it doesn’t waste players’ time but instead ensures that they have an engaging experience and return for harder challenges. Moreover, the game will also be added to the list of NFT squad games, which appears to be the foundation for most new blockchain video games. The new gameplay approach is called “Play to Own,” and Fableborne follows suit by letting players build their own heroes, islands, and in-game objects using resources they acquire through the Pixion League or through in-game purchases.

Forest Knight

Forest Knight is a mobile turn-based strategy NFT game. The game allows players to create their ideal crew and embark on an adventure as a Forest Knight. Moreover, you will obtain unique NFTs which you may use to upgrade your heroes or trade with other players. Forest Knight was influenced by a variety of games, including Heroes, Clash Royal, Brutal Age, Yu-gi-oh, Chess, and even Genshin Impact. That’s a lot of beloved franchises to live up to, and the game still has a long way to go.


Flowerpatch is a farming NFT Play-to-Earn game that revolves around the FLOWER cards, which are collectible. Players will be able to grow their FLOWERS in a patch of land and cross breed their plants with other adjacent plants, much like in real life. Finally, they get brand-new, never-before-seen FLOWERS.


Farsite is a massively multiplayer online game that is driven by decentralized finance economics. The game allows players to build a base on a planet, from which they may begin their search for rare elements (NFTs). Moreover, players have the opportunity to build any type of technology; including ships, while participating in an open economy with virtual jobs. The game plans to launch on Ethereum 2.0, which is still in its early stages.

Fancy Birds

In Fancy Birds, you can start breeding, earning, staking, customizing NFT assets, and participating in unique tournaments and game types/modes. Fancy Games DAO is a mobile-focused Play-to-Earn arcade game platform that aims to deliver casual Play-to-Earn gaming to the masses by utilizing crypto and free to play mechanisms. Moreover, users will also have access to a variety of Play-to-Earn games. The developer hopes to replicate the nostalgic feel of casual gaming like Miniclip while allowing gamers to earn prizes using the FNC governance token.

Forgotten Runes

The Forgotten Runes is an NFT world-building simulation game that provides several ways to earn real money. Moreover, it has over 10K wizard NFTs with a decentralized view of world creation. This means that there is not one creator of the game but thousands with their own contribution. Each NFT is unique and can be developed or modified by creating them, hence the term create-to-earn (C2E). Forgotten Runes is a pioneer in the create-to-earn gaming format where players in a huge MMORPG world participate in developing and creating a virtual world called the Runiverse (The Rune Universe). Players can help in creating landscapes, upgrading their NFT wizards, building structures, and diversifying the Runiverse ecology.


Farcana is a cutting-edge battle-royale, team ability, third-person shooter game crafted in Unreal Engine 5 that offers players the chance to play and earn Bitcoin

Farmers World

Farmers World is a unique farming game that mixes together the fun of fighting, planting, construction, and breeding. Therefore, the farmers mine for wood, gold, and food in this blockchain game. Wood and gold to craft together various tools, pieces of equipment, and weapons — and food for energy. Players can make money in this Play-to-Earn game by either mining gold tokens or buying NFT lands to breed animals and farm crops for wood and food. The game is based on the Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX).

Farming Action RPG Combat Game for 4 Players. Cede is a cooperative combat farming game in which you and up to three other players work together to grow crops and protect your farm. It’s an action RPG strategy game that gives players a unique way to play together. The game is currently in the presale phase and is available on Windows. Fight in exciting battles, plan out how to farm, and protect your crops from different dangers. Cede is a cooperative game where you and your friends work together to build a farm that does well.

Farming Tales

Farming Tales combines non-fungible tokens and farming to make a game where you can play to earn money by farming.

Final Form

Ex Populus is making waves in the gaming world with Final Form, a digital card-based “auto-battler” game, debuting on Xai platform. What sets Xai apart is its “layer-3” status, designed specifically to cater to game creators within the Web3 space.

Flight Force 4

Flight Force 4 is crafting a premier web3 First Person Shooter game, offering “Play & Earn/Rent & Earn” mechanics, utilizing NFTs as playable characters and items.
FF4 stands as an innovative web3 first-person shooter, uniquely integrating NFTs as integral in-game characters and items.

Flowerpatch: Harvest, breed & trade cannabis flowers

In Flowerpatch, you’ll step into the world of growing cannabis, where you can harvest, breed, and trade virtual cannabis flowers. This breeding RPG game, which can be played on the Ethereum Polygon network, gives cannabis fans a unique and immersive experience. Take care of your plants, cross-breed them to make new strains, and look for rare and valuable variations. Take part in events, trade flowers with other players, and grow your own cannabis garden online. Flowerpatch is a fun game that brings together strategy, creativity, and a little bit of green thumb.

Find Bird: Retro matching puzzle game

Find Bird is a matching puzzle game with a retro look that will test your memory and speed of thought. The game takes you back to the days of classic puzzle games with its cute pixel art graphics and catchy sound effects. Clear the board of colorful bird tiles by matching them, and get high scores. Find Bird is fun to play, has challenging levels, and has a simple but fun idea. Find Bird is a great way to relax and sharpen your mind, whether you love puzzle games or just want to play something fun that reminds you of your childhood.

Frogs Run

Frogs Run is an F2P/P2E NFT runner game built on the BNB Chain that combines typical free-to-play comfortable runner gameplay and play-to-earn mechanics. The game takes place in an Aztec-like setting with its own history and mythology, the player takes on the role of a frog runner, who should run, collect coins, and defeat enemies.

FurrSols: First-ever Live 2 Earn Game!

FurrSols introduces the idea of “Live 2 Earn” games, in which players can earn money in the real world by doing things in the game. Immerse yourself in a lively world where cute virtual animals called FurrSols can be bred, raised, and cared for. You can earn rewards by doing different things, like completing quests, fighting battles, and exploring the game’s large world. With its unique “Play to Earn” system and cute graphics, FurrSols is a new kind of game that lets players have fun and earn real rewards.



Gas Hero

Gas Hero, an upcoming MMO, is crafted by the acclaimed Find Satoshi Lab (FSL) team, creators of walk-to-earn game titled Stepn. Anticipate an action-packed battle game experience.

Genesis League Goals

Genesis League Goals offers an official gateway to collect, compete, and earn through licensed digital trading cards featuring Major League Soccer Players Association players.

Genesis League Sports

Genesis League Sports stands as a blockchain-powered platform tailored for play-to-earn gaming, focusing on sports games and NFTs.

Gold Fever

Gold Fever is an action-adventure game with NFTs and in-game currencies that lets players craft, trade, and fight in exciting battles. Gold Fever is a survival MMO made by DeFi Mechanics Lab.


The Gotchiverse is a virtual world where your Aavegotchi NFT can meet up, socialize, play games & farm for tokens! The more you do on this game, the more you earn! Players can use their Aavegotchis, interest-bearing NFT avatars modeled after the Tamagotchi craze of the early 2000s, to explore, combat, craft exclusive NFTs, and Play-to-Earn in the RPG metaverse enabled by Polygon.

Gunstar Metaverse

GunStar Metaverse is a dream come true for pet lovers, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and battle-monger gamers. The 2D game dynamics are all about collecting and training your NFT pets in different PvP battles, PvE battles, and raids, that is, a total of 4 game modes. Every game mode provides its own kind of rewards to the player like the campaign mode gives the winner experience and the raid mode provides the players with single-player and co-op options.


Gunny stands as a competitive e-sport, employing the Rank-to-Earn concept, and is a 3rd person shooter game built on the Algorand blockchain, innovatively integrating NFTs.


Geopoly is a geolocation economic NFT simulator that lets players play the role of a real estate investor from anywhere in the world. If you’ve ever wanted to make money by investing in properties but don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars, Geopoly is the next best thing.


Goals is still under development and the development team hasn’t let out too much information about the project. But they have told us what we can expect and they promise that players will win based on skills, it will not be a pay-to-win football game like the certain football game we all know. It will be a proper platform to manage your club and earn real money. Let’s get into what we know about this crypto games.

Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict

Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict is a strategy conquest Play-to-Earn game in the traditional sense. The goal is simple that is expanding your military base, navy, and air fleets. Moreover, building and upgrading facilities, as well as your ground forces. Eventually, establishing yourself as a powerful player is a recurring theme in this game. However, Crypto Conflict has a unique economy centered on a unique mineral called Titanium. This material is tradeable for MILICO and eventually into real money in the real world.

Galaxy Commanders

Galaxy Commanders is a 3D sci-fi game that puts players in charge of their own space fleet in a world that feels real. This real-time strategy game has PvP (player-versus-player), space battles that are always changing, and cooperative planetary conquests.

Galaxy Fight Club

Galaxy Fight Club is a first-of-its-kind cross-IP PVP game specifically made for the NFT Universe. In addition, the game is also cross-platform which makes it available on both mobile and PC. Each fighter in the game generates about 5–15 of in-game currency; $GCOIN. The year is 2049 and the location is Planet Bruna 8. All the greatest NFT avatars of the universe have come together to participate in the greatest PVP fight club in the galaxy. It is a world without any boundaries and cross-platform participation of NFT avatars is common now. There are many PvP crypto games, NFT games out there but Galaxy Fight Club is unique. The players can use their own NFT avatars from any of the NFT collections available in the universe. This means that a Bored Ape can engage in a battle with a Cool Cat or even your own created NFT which can also be a picture.

Galaxy Survivor

Galaxy Survivor unfolds within a futuristic sci-fi realm, situated in the far reaches of space, where civilizations strive for survival. In this immersive 3D metaverse NFT game, hinged on the Avalanche blockchain, players are thrust into a battle for supremacy over The Galactic Metaverse.

Guild of Guardians

Guild of Guardians is one of the most anticipated blockchain games. The game is in its pre-registration phase so there is a lack of information about it as of now. However, players have the option to join the emailing list, pre-registration, and earn rewards. What is known is the fact that Guild of Guardians is the very first in AAA blockchain-based games and will set a benchmark for future games to come on blockchain technology.


Genopets is the world’s first move to earn an NFT game that lets you make assets while having fun and staying fit. Your digital pet resembles and resonates according to your personality. Moreover, it evolves with its user depending upon the daily activity the user does. So, your digital pet’s destiny depends on you and how you stay active to direct it to unlock its true potential.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained (GODS) is a NFT blockchain-based, free-to-play competitive trading card game that rewards you for playing. However, players must strategically outsmart opponents by building powerful decks and using combat tactics. Game developed by Immutable. Gods Unchained is a free-to-play online trading card game by Immutable that offers true ownership of in-game items to its players. Additionally, the game has a gripping setting of mortals and Gods’ mythical folklores with ongoing thrilling expansion packs and seasons.

GaliXCIty: The first 4X RTS Blockchain game on NEMO Platform

GaliXCIty is an ambitious 4X real-time strategy game that runs on the NEMO platform and makes use of blockchain technology. In this game, which takes place in a futuristic universe, you can build and run your own civilization, explore new planets, and fight hard battles with other players. Expand your land, learn about new technologies, and build a strong empire. GaliXCIty offers a unique mix of strategy, exploration, and blockchain integration. This gives players a game experience that is both immersive and rewarding.

Go Faster Game

You can win and get GFG tokens in Go Faster Game, an online racing game. In exciting competitions, you race against other players and try to be the fastest. Go Faster Game is in its alpha phase and is available on the Polygon platform. It is a fun racing game where you can also earn GFG tokens. Take control of fast vehicles and race against skilled opponents in races that will get your heart racing. Even though it doesn’t have anything to do with cryptocurrencies, this racing game is still a lot of fun.

Gran Saga: Unlimited — Game Review

The adventurous MMORPG flagship, Gran Saga: Unlimited game is an anime-inspired open-world game which is presented by METAPIXEL and powered by Aptos.


Grit is the world’s first Western-themed WEB3 Battle Royale by Epic Games from blockchain game developer Gala Games. Step into the Web3 Frontier and unleash your inner gunslinger in the thrilling GRIT battle royale.




H2O is a genre of play-and-earn video games that typically involve racing various types of watercrafts such as boats, jet skis, and other aquatic NFT vehicles.
It simulates the real-life physics and dynamics of watercraft to provide a realistic racing experience.

Heroes Chained

Heroes Chained: Become a guild master and gather your heroes in Heroes Chained to liberate the land of Ventuna from the Dark Lord Oblivion. The Dark Lord Oblivion and his endless champions have wreaked havoc on the mythical planet of Ventuna. As heroes will use the manufactured equipment, crafting is also a crucial component of the game. Users gain NFT items and Heroes Chained (HeC) tokens when they complete missions and battles. If players don’t have a blockchain wallet, they can use the HeC wallet to trade these on markets.

Heroes Land

Heroes Land combines the addictive Match-3 puzzle and the typical antagonistic properties of RPG genre gameplay. Moreover, the game provides a revolutionary DUAL-GAMEPLAY model in the blockchain game industry where users can choose to play in the traditional mode or the play and earn mode. The game is a mix of the Match-3 puzzles genre and the modern RPG gameplay. Additionally, it has a captivating story and promises a good time.

Heroes of NFT

Heroes of NFT, a novel trading card game on the Avalanche-AVAX blockchain, presents a turn-based collectible card gaming experience. “Heroes of NFT” introduces a strategic dimension to collectible card gaming. Players engage in arena battles and strategic tournaments using unique hero cards, emphasizing planning over luck.

Hippo Dash

Hippo Dash is the first casual race game that is also a meta-entertainment. It is made for Web3 fans and the wider gaming community. Gameta is a multidimensional NFT gaming network that was made to connect the big world of Web2 users with the complicated world of Web3.


HoneyWood is a free-to-play NFT farming simulation game on an independent blockchain. Independent blockchain means low fees and a maximum capacity for fun gameplay. Initiated in the August of 2021, HoneyWood became the first play-and-earn NFT crypto games.


Highrise, a digital world that began as a simple social game in 2014, has grown to over a million monthly players and is now one of the internet’s largest digital metaverse. Players can live, play, earn money, and grow in a rich online environment with Highrise. And, because most people want a digital world where they can make money by spending time online. the game launched two key projects last year to provide maximum value to its citizens: cash out, and blockchain.

Heroes of Mavia

Heroes of Mavia is a solid addition to AAA blockchain-based builder games. This builder game lets you build bases, grow and improve your army, and fight enemies to conquer territories. This Play-to-Earn game requires you to effectively command your army like a general and use strategy to win your battles. Moreover, the game is playable along with other online users, whose bases you can choose to attack, and when they come knocking on your door, you better be ready to defend.


HyperDragons is a fighting and adventure game set on the blockchain. Get different dragons and let them fight in exciting battles. As you fight other players in HyperDragons, you can get lost in the game’s fascinating world. The game runs on the Ethereum blockchain and can be accessed through a web platform. Even though it doesn’t have NFTs, HyperDragons has live gameplay and promises to be a fun game.


Hexarchia is a blockchain video game about war and strategy. Turn-based strategy for fighting. Hexarchia is a game about war and strategy that takes place in a virtual world powered by blockchain. It’s a turn-based game, so you can plan and carry out strategic moves to get the upper hand on your opponents. The game is built on the Ethereum and Polygon platforms, and it is currently in the presale phase. In this immersive war and strategy game, you can fight in epic battles and take over lands.

Heroes of the Land

Heroes of The Land stands as an MMO strategy game, introducing a captivating free-to-earn gaming experience that operates on the Blockchain with P2E and PvP modes.


HeroesTD is a collectible strategy tower defense game that takes you on a trip through the metaverse. Build up strong heroes, protect your towers, and beat difficult levels. HeroesTD is a fun game that combines strategy and tower defense and is available on Binance for both Android and iOS. In this exciting play-to-earn adventure, you can show off your tactical skills, collect unique heroes, and climb to the top of the leaderboards.

HashGarage: An Exhilarating Blockchain Car Game Experience

With its immersive play-to-earn experience, “HashGarage” brings the thrill of car racing to the blockchain. Collect unique cars, make them look the way you want, and race against other people in exciting events. Get ready to rev your engines and take over the tracks in “HashGarage.”




Galactic War by Vavel Games is an exciting sci-fi strategy game where players can fight in epic space battles and build powerful empires.

Imperium Empires

Imperium Empires crafts a high-caliber metaverse on the Avalanche blockchain. This space-themed, third-person action RTS NFT game is play-to-earn, powered by the Avalanche network. Imperium Empires is a groundbreaking space-themed third-person action RTS NFT game within the Avalanche Blockchain network, introducing in-game currencies like IME and IMC tokens.

Iron Pigeons

Iron Pigeons: The famous game developers Ex Populus have collaborated with the celebrated World Boxing Champion Mike Tyson to release 10,000 unique NFTs of pigeons in iron design. These iron pigeons will be featured in the Iron Pigeon card game by Ex Populus based on the Solana blockchain technology. Each Iron Pigeon will have a different set and combinations of traits which will decide how rare or common a card is in the game economy.


Influence is based on a limited number of 250,000 NFT asteroids, each with its own set of resources and extra unique bonus rewards. Asteroid rights can be purchased or players can start for free on Adalia Prime. Once a player has decided where they want to play, they can begin mining, building, and refining the material that has been pulled up from beneath their asteroid’s surface. Influence, which is based on the Ethereum blockchain, provides players complete control over their content. Forget about gated communities that limit what you can do with ‘your’ in-game material. Instead, using SWAY as in-game money, influence allows users to breathe life into a thriving virtual economy.


Illuvium is a double blaster by being a fun-filled action treasure hunting game plus a mode of making some real cash on the sides. It is the first truly AAA game on the Ethereum blockchain with a lot of emphasis on the gameplay. Moreover, it is a multiplayer roleplay game where players develop their characters to compete against others in a battle royale. The winners achieve supremacy in the Illuvium world along with bragging rights. The game is playable in two formats, the story mode, and the battle arena mode, each according to the player’s taste. The main goal of the player is to develop characters by finding treasures and absorbing other players’ energy. Furthermore, the developed characters are NFTs called ILV tokens which are available for acquisition in-game. Moreover, these tokens are tradeable on the marketplaces, buy or sell on IlluviDEX, or other exchanges.

Illuvium Zero

Illuvium Zero is a city-building game that can be played on multiple platforms. Players can build and expand their land, collect resources, and unlock blueprints.

Impostor Academy

Impostor Academy is a merge game with NFT elements that you can play for free. It is a casual game that you can find on Immutable-X and play on your Android or iOS device.

Idle Cyber: P2E model idle game

Idle Cyber is a unique way to play games to make money because it is an idle game. Dive into a cyber world that looks like the future, where you can collect and improve a wide range of digital assets. As you level up, your assets start to bring in passive income, which lets you earn rewards even when you’re not online. Try out different strategies, make sure your asset portfolio is as strong as it can be, and watch your income grow. Idle Cyber is a rewarding idle game for people who want to have fun and make money at the same time. The game’s mechanics are fun, and it’s possible to make a lot of money from it.




Joyride is a Web3 publishing platform that is backed by top blockchain partners. This makes it possible for game developers to change the way games are made.

Jungle Freaks Motor Club

Jungle Freaks Motor Club: In a post-apocalyptic world, the zombies have overtaken everything except an island, where genetically modified highly intelligent, and powerful gorillas live. The remaining humans have found a place where they can feel safe from the zombies while still trying to attain peace with the strange gorilla creatures. A collection of car NFT’s has been launched to be used in the car racing game set in the same universe. Each car NFT is unique in design and has a real artistic value. The value comes in because of the top artists behind the designs of NFTs.



Kaiju Cards

Discover Kaiju Cards, a strategic roguelike deck builder RPG brought to life by Permadeath Studios and powered by TreasureDAO. Kaiju Cards emerges as a deckbuilding RPG card-game, introducing players to the world of character NFTs and dungeon exploration.

Kawaii Islands

Kawaii Island provides you with a fantasy universe, in which you can build, craft, farm, socialize, and more. You can earn NFTs with real-life value and can easily exchange them for fiat currency. Each player will need one Binance Smart Chain account to link their MetaMask Wallet to the gameplay with NFT’s. In the future, Kawaii Islands will expand and support other Wallets. To access the mobile versions, you’ll need to create an email account with a password to store your progress.

Kingdom Karnage

Kingdom Karnage is a card game unlike any other in the NFT, cryptocurrency format with a huge range of cards. These cards let players fight battles for dominance in the Kingdom. As Kingdom Karnage is a P2E (Play-to-Earn) card game, the players can earn blue gems or rare red gems by winning a challenge or completing a mission. Moreover, players can also buy new cards or upgrade the old ones, or trade on the Enjin Jumpnet marketplace for real cash. Kingdom Karnage battle game has it all. Kepithor Studios is behind the creation of this crypto games.

Knights of the Ether

Knights of the Ether: Blightfell combines Web3 play-to-earn economics with strategic depth, offering endless replayability in a deck-building roguelike adventure.

Karmaverse Zombie

In the Karmaverse metaverse, the world has been attacked with a virus that was to destroy it but the world survives barely but now roaming with zombies and mutants. Each player has a survival shelter that they need to protect and build a stronghold against any enemy attack. The game comprises both GameFi and SocialFi elements. Karmaverse metaverse consists of all the games produced by the studio in a single universe. Moreover, it is a Simulated Life Game (SLG) that is decentralized for better player ownership in gamefi.


Make a deck of NFT cards and beat your opponents. In the game Kardomance, you can make your own deck of NFT cards and play against other people. It offers a unique card collectible PvP experience. The game is in the alpha stage and can be played on both Windows and MAC. It is built on the Ethereum Immutable-X platform and can handle NFTs. Explore the world of Kardomance and show off how good you are at strategy in exciting card battles.

King of Planets

King of Planets presents a blockchain-based P2E (Play-to-Earn) game that integrates NFT, DeFi 2.0, and GameFi elements on the Klaytn network. Players can engage in various activities, such as NFT Farming, PVP Battle, and Boss Raid.

Knights of Cathena

Experience a medieval fantasy RPG-inspired turn-based tactics PvP multiplayer web3 title that melds chess-like strategy with the thrill of gathering distinctive items.

Knight Story: Battle with goblins and craft items

Knight Story is a tower-defense adventure RPG game that you can play on Ethereum, iOS, and Android. Step into a world full of magic and fight goblins in epic battles. Explore dungeons, gather materials, and make powerful items to boost your skills. The game also uses blockchain technology, which lets players own unique in-game items and trade them as NFTs. Get lost in this exciting and strategic game that will put your skills and strategies to the test.

Kingdom Hunter

Kingdom Hunter is a trading card strategy game where players can build their own kingdoms and become kingdom lords.



Last Remains

In Last Remains, a battle royale game, 30–50 players navigate a PvPvE world, scavenging buildings for survival necessities and digital collectible skins while aiming for extraction. Last Remains stands as a unique hybrid, blending the essence of a stealth-focused zombie battle royale. Delving into its core components reveals an intriguing blend of game genres.

Legends at War

Forge your Medieval Empire and engage in epic conflicts against myriad players in the thrilling MMORTS, Legends at War.
Legends at War offers an exhilarating strategy RPG experience, assembling a team of heroes on a quest to conquer the world. Legends At War enters the gaming arena as an exciting MMORTS currently in its beta phase.

Legends of Aria

Legends of Aria is a moddable online sandbox MMORPG, the game was once known as Shards Online. Legends of Aria takes its inspiration from games like Ultima Online. Instead of adhering to the standard current MMO norms of levels, classes, and never-ending quest grinds, Legends of Aria places an emphasis on creating a living, open world where stories develop organically as players explore and go on adventures.

The Legacy NFT

Who doesn’t covet lands and properties and that too in one of the most advanced cities of the world, London? The Legacy NFT game by Peter Molyneux, a veteran game developer, provides this opportunity to its members in a virtual real estate world where players can own tracts of land based on the real-life mapping of London. Legacy game is based on the Ethereum blockchain technology. This comes under the banner of Gala Games, a blockchain gaming company.

Legendary: Heroes Unchained

Legendary: Heroes Unchained: a role-playing game set in the Kingdom of Korelis. The NFT game involves heroes collecting and waging battles. The players will upgrade their heroes to fight against various gods, monsters, and heroes in an epic battle for glory and domination. The sundry play modes in the game will involve PvP battles; Guild-v-Guild missions; epic expeditions; land acquisitions; and conquering kingdoms.

Legends of Elumia

Legends of Elumia is an innovative MMORPG developed on the Solana blockchain which empowers players with full ownership of in-game assets through groundbreaking mechanics. Legends of Elumia stands out as a WEB3 game, boasting high-quality graphics and a feature-rich.

Legions and Legends

Legions & Legends is an action-driven collectible and combat RPG that mixes sci-fi and fantasy elements and is developed on blockchain technology by Azra Games. Azra Games, led by CEO Mark Otero and backed by veteran developers, is gearing up for debut title, Legions & Legends.

League of Kingdoms

League of Kingdoms is a free world NFT game where all of the land and assets are owned by the players. Players can buy land, develop it, form alliances with other kingdoms, and declare wars. Being a strategy game, the players must hone their skills in warfare, urban planning, governance, economy, instincts, and diplomacy. Additionally, it uses Ethereum blockchain technology. Moreover, the game uses $LOKA tokens as a governance coin. This coin helps players in transactions, construct buildings on it and develop their kingdom through various decisions of the kingdom.

Last Expedition

Last Expedition is an upcoming AAA shooter blockchain-based warfare game set in the NFT universe. Unfortunately, the fans have to wait as the game has not announced any launch window. Moreover, there is not any news about the game’s alpha or beta form, only the trailer is live on the official website so far. According to its makers, Last Expedition, is the world’s first truly AAA first-person warfare game in which players are thrown into an uncharted terrain full of dangers.

Light Trail Rush

Light Trail Rush is a fast-paced game about racing space ships in the future. In this arcade-style racing game, you can race against other people in fast-paced races. Light Trail Rush can be played on Windows and runs on the Ethereum blockchain. It has live gameplay for a realistic racing experience. Even though there are no NFTs in this game, you can still be sure of a fast, competitive ride.


Step into the realm of LifeVerse, an entirely decentralized gaming platform that offers foundational character primitives for interconnecting worlds and crafting shared lore and resources. LifeVerse is a browser-based simulation game situated within a decentralized, community-driven Web3 gaming ecosystem established on Arbitrum.

LitCraft: Nysperience

Nysperience is a magical open-ended universe that allows Play-to-Own opportunities through battles, item crafting, LitPets creation, playing various game genres, and establishing virtual businesses. Nysperience, utilizing Devvio’s cutting-edge blockchain platform, DevvX, emerges as a public play-to-earn game in 2021 after being initially developed in 2018 for internal testing.

LoserChick: A Quirky On-Chain Claw Crane Game

“LoserChick” is a blockchain version of the claw crane arcade game. This unique on-chain experience will keep you interested with its 3D graphics and fun game play. In “LoserChick,” you can test your skills, earn rewards, and try to get to the top.

Legends Reborn

A strategic card game where you collect cards and creatures, building adaptable decks to conquer any challenge.

Legends of Crypto

LOCGame is a strategy and collectible card game set in the crypto realm, offering play-to-earn mechanics with legendary characters. Engage, collect, and earn rewards.

Legends of Crypto Game

Legends of Crypto is a Triad Battle card game for a wider audience than mid-core TCGs like Gods Unchained (web3) or Hearthstone (web2).

Legends of Venari

Legends of Venari is an RPG that takes place in the mysterious land of Caerras, where strange creatures called venari live.




Medland is a strategy MMORTS game where players prepare their heroes with unique skills to face random game-changing events in the battle arena. The game offers a unique hybrid of RTS and MOBA genres while integrating NFTs for character progression storage.

Meta Nanos

Meta Nano presents a 3D Play-2-Earn metaverse, primed for a range of competitive games. Participation involves deploying our NFTs, known as NANOs, to engage in these games.

Mighty Action Heroes

Mighty Action Heroes is a third-person real-time multiplayer Battle Royale NFT game with an emphasis on fun, skill, and mayhem. Relive the memories of those wonderful times when the newest, coolest, and sickest figurine from that cartoon on Saturday morning (or after school) was all that counted! Mighty Action Heroes is the place to be if you’ve ever wanted to enter a fantasy realm à la Dungeons & Dragons or have your toys come to life.


Moniwar is a Play-to-Earn NFT puzzle RPG game where players can participate in fun gameplay while earning money. The goal of the game is to collect NFT pets belonging to all the different types of elements (fire, wood, metal, water, earth). Therefore, each belongs to a different kind of rarity from 1-star to 3-star. These NFT’s can then be entered into different modes of gameplay depending upon their abilities. The game offers a decentralized platform where the players will be able to own parts of the game. The game has many features like its safe token, the in-game marketplace called Moni Shop, and daily missions.

Metagates (Abyss Online)

Metagates, now named Abyss Online, offers an immersive open-world experience, allowing players to partake in combat, claim territory, and explore numerous activities. Discover Abyss Online, formerly known as Metagates, a free-to-play MMORPG


MetaGods features cutting-edge game mechanics at the forefront of the ongoing GameFi revolution, making it the first 8-bit action role-playing game ever built on the blockchain. Players have access to special characters and skills as well as the ability to customize their NFT avatars. In addition to fending off deadly animals, the MetaGods in-game market also lets players trade virtual goods for real-world currency in exchange for their experiences in epic dungeon boss battles.

Meda Shooter

Meda Shooter is a series of minigames with super fun blockchain games with NFT rewards. Developed by the Cryptomeda Universe which never ceases to amaze us with new features and updates, comes the mini-game Meda Shooter. Designed as an infinite side-scrolling shooting game with simple 2D graphics, the game follows the storyline of two opposite groups waging an endless battle against each other. One of those crypto games you should try.


MetaLine, an Arbitrum-powered metaverse SLG SIM strategy sailing game, bridges web2 and web3 users, offering oceanic trade opportunities in international commerce, shipping, navigation, and logistics.

Midas Miner

Midas Miner is a Binance Smart Chain gold-mining game where you can play to earn. Midas Miner is the most-played gold-mining game on Binance Smart Chain, and it’s a fun way to make money.


Mist is a blockchain-based action role-playing game (RPG) with dynamic combat and immersive open-world settings. Collect NFTs, fight epic monsters, and get lost in an MMO experience that can’t be beat.


Mytheria is a first-of-its-kind trading card game that lets you create and earn. The game is a great platform for the artist community and its development also kept the focal point around the artist community. Moreover, the create-to-earn artist community is known as GODFORGE in this game.


Metagear is a Play-to-Earn, vibrant cyber-sports game of car collision. The game is quite fun and immersive with 2D animation that will keep you busy for hours. Moreover, the game is developed by Rocket Studio, a subsidiary of Onesoft, the Vietnamese mobile gaming studio with the collaboration of Onepad technology. Metagear is a P2E Games (Play-to-Earn) world’s first pixel-based blockchain combat game. Moreover, the game gives its players independence in building their own NFT vehicles. Players then pitch these vehicles against each other to compete in a collision bout.

Meta Masters Guild

MMG, the pioneering mobile-focused web3 gaming guild, unites users in diverse games, providing rewards and a central hub for Web3 mobile gaming. The Meta Masters Guild (MMG) stands as the world’s first mobile-focused web3 gaming guild with a mission to create high-quality, blockchain-integrated mobile games.


MicroBuddies is a new fun NFT collection of around 2500 cute little colorful microbes. These microbes comprise 10 basic species with gameplay that revolves around strategy and blockchain technology. Each MicroBuddies NFT is unique with its own set of physical features and natural abilities. So, the aim of the game is to collect different microbes and breed them together to create a new generation of microbes with their own genes and features.

Meda Wars

Developed by the same guys who gave us the Meda Shooter comes Meda Wars. The sequel is a fun turn-based action-adventure NFT game of strategy.


MegaCryptoPolis is a city-building game on the ERC-721 blockchain technology. The game was 2D back in 2018 but now it has successfully transformed into a 3D interface. The game is all about collecting investments and materials to build buildings and other city structures on land. Consequently, these real estate assets generate real money in terms of sales and rent. Moreover, the game has the option to create new citizens and various city services. These creations provide opportunities for creators to earn some cash via virtual land and blocks.

Magic of Universe

Magic of Universe is an interesting fantasy and comical blockchain NFT game with gripping gameplay and storyline. The magical world’s peace and tranquility are challenged by an unwanted invasion by aliens and monsters. Only the brave wizards and witches can defeat these horrendous creatures using their magical abilities to finally restore peace to the Divine Divinity and end the chaos.


Mandala Metaverse intertwines NFTs with an Unreal Engine MMORPG and an AR mobile game, forming a cross-chain, cross-media franchise. Mandala Metaverse emerges as an expansive cross-platform venture, empowered by SingularityNet’s decentralized AGI and interlinked with Sophiaverse.


MOBLAND is a free-to-play action-adventure role-playing game in which players acquire, manage, trade, and build their crime syndicates. MOBLAND takes the concept of a modern crime syndicate a step further by making the game Free to Play, where you may Play & Earn. Go and grow your empire, become the boss and gain control of turfs and businesses while robbing and raiding rival syndicates.

Mojo Melee

Mojo Melee is the first game in the Planet Mojo metaverse. It is a PvP game that is similar to chess and has both NFTs and auto-battle strategies.

Momoguru: Legends of Uno

Set in the fantastical world of Uno Plane, Momoguro: Legends of Uno is a story-focused digital collectible role-playing game (RPG). In Momoguro: Legends of Uno, players take on the persona of a Holoself avatar, venturing on captivating quests to obtain special Momo NFTs.


With MIR4, a crypto games, you start your quest by venturing into MIR’s vast open universe. Join a powerful clan to participate in large-scale PVP with other allies and adversaries, or live a tranquil life of hunting, collecting, and crafting. Capture the Hidden Valley and collect taxes on the territory’s profits, place a bounty on a foe and enlist the help of allies to track down your target, join a 50-player raid for some rare loot, declare war on enemy clans, and take part in castle sieges: there’s a lot of things to help your character grow in the world of MIR. Whatever path you take, your tale will become legendary.

Moon Robots

Moon Robots is a fun P2E game that will be released on the Harmony One blockchain. It has elements of strategy and RPG games.

Mini Royale Nations

Mini Royale Nations is a new crypto games, multiplayer first-person shooter game that mixes the excitement of a battle royale game with the strategy of a three-dimensional strategy game. Players compete in an endless fight for control of the world’s most popular islands in this fascinating game.

Mines of Dalarnia

Mines of Dalarnia is a 2D NFT action-adventure game that uses DAR as its token. Players can harvest and use a variety of in-game rewards to improve their skills and gear as they advance through Dalarnia’s universe in pursuit of unique relics and treasures. There are many terrains to explore and different types of monsters to kill. You can either go for it alone or join a friend.

Might’n Mow’em

Might’n Mowem is a multi-player rogue-lite bullet hell PC game with added elements of play and earn. The game has some similarities to Vampire Survivors.


MekaApes, a NFT game, are a highly advanced ape species that has spent thousands of years traveling across space. They came and found a planet coated in metallic waste materials one day while looking for new resources. When they came to this unknown planet, they found mini robot creatures that were made from scrap metal, they were called the Robo Oogas.

Mecha Fight Club

Mecha Fight Club is a PvP battle game using Solana blockchain technology and you can earn NFTs. It sets in the year 2065, and an alien race of roosters comes to the earth to involve mankind in the new galactic era. However, these extra-terrestrials soon realize that humans are still not worthy. As they leave the planet, they leave behind some technology for humans to decode and decipher.

Mecha World

Mecha World: A post-apocalyptic NFT game about building, questing, and battling with mecha animals on the WAX Blockchain.


Metasoccer is among the first blockchain-integrated football metaverses, allowing you to start your own club and earn money while playing. Furthermore, this soccer ecosystem allows people to fully participate as team owners, managers, or both while having fun and making money. NFT’s, ecosystem transaction fees, betting, and token swaps are all sources of revenue in Metasoccer.

Monkey League

Monkey League is a fast-paced, turn-based NFT soccer game that’s simple to play yet challenging to master. It stands at the intersection of FIFA Street and Chess. In the game, Monkey NFT’s, who was born with specific core game Skills, Perks, and stat levels, play matches instead of human characters in a FIFA Street soccer kinda manner.

MLB Champions

MLB Champions is a baseball-themed collectible sports game where you can win prizes. Build your own champion team and feel the rush of competing. MLB Champions can be played on Ethereum, Android, and iOS. It lets you play in real time and brings the excitement of sports to your fingertips. Even though it doesn’t use non-fungible tokens (NFTs), MLB Champions gives sports fans a fun experience.


Metaversus is a multiplayer online action game with the goal of building a virtual economy online. It lets you play in a virtual world, and you can do so on the Binance platform. It is in the pre-sale phase right now and supports NFT.

Mech Angel

The MMORPG world of Mech Angel is where the adventure game Mech Angel takes place. It can be played on Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. It is on the Solana network. It is being made right now, and NFT functionality is part of it.


Welcome to Metaverser, the premier virtual shared space for socializing, gaming, and more. As the only multi-platform metaverse in the web 3.0, Metaverser is accessible from any device with an internet connection, making it easy for users to join in the fun from anywhere.


Moonfrost is a 2D multiplayer, free-to-play, play-to-earn, life-simulation, and role-playing game for Mobiles and PCs that enables the player to immerse themselves whenever and wherever they choose, in a fascinating, constantly expanding world full of secrets and surprises.

Metaverse Office — A Game of Stonks

Play for free. Decorate your office and make it better. Building Art as an Adventure. Metaverse Office: A Game of Stonks is a free game that lets you decorate and improve your virtual office. It is an adventure art building game that gives you a creative and interactive way to play. The game is built on the Ethereum and WAX platforms and can handle NFTs. Get lost in a virtual world where you can let your imagination run wild and build the office of your dreams.

MetaSoul: A puzzle RPG P2E NFT platform!

MetaSoul is an innovative play-to-earn NFT platform that combines puzzle and role-playing game elements. In an interesting fantasy world, you can solve difficult puzzles, finish quests, and fight powerful enemies. As you move through the game, collect valuable NFTs that you can trade or use in-game. MetaSoul has a story that keeps you interested, graphics that are beautiful to look at, and gameplay mechanics that let you plan ahead. Immerse yourself in the world of MetaSoul and go on an adventure full of puzzles that will reward your skills.


Minionverse is a virtual, Play to Earn, and PvP game that combines Tower Defense and Trading Card Game modes.

Metabotz: Deploy. Destroy. Earn

Metabotz is an action-packed game where you deploy and control a team of powerful fighting robots. Fight exciting battles against enemy bots, complete difficult missions, and get rewards for winning. Choose your bots carefully, upgrade their skills, and improve their fighting skills to take over the battlefield. Metabotz gives players a rush of adrenaline with its fast-paced gameplay, intense combat mechanics, and exciting progression system. It’s a great game for people who like exciting battles and making strategic decisions.

More Than Gamers: 10,100 Gamers competing in the metaverse!

More Than Gamers is a huge community of 10,100 gamers who compete in the metaverse. Join this busy virtual world where players can do things like battle, trade, and explore. Meet people who are like you, form alliances, and show off your skills in fun tournaments and events. More Than Gamers is a fun and welcoming place for gamers to meet, compete, and make friends that will last in the metaverse.

Meeb Master: Build Your Team, Battle Others, and Rise to the Top

“Meeb Master” asks you to put together a strong team and fight in exciting PVP battles. With its turn-based gameplay and strategic elements, this blockchain game adds something new to the genre. Use your strategic skills to win in the world of “Meeb Master.”

My Crypto City

In My Crypto City, you’ll go on an exciting journey to build your own space colony and earn rewards along the way. This strategy game, which is available on Solana, is fun to play on both Android and iOS. Explore a world of possible futures as you make strategic decisions to grow your city and make as much money as possible.

My Crypto Heroes

My Crypto Heroes stands as an Ethereum blockchain RPG, featuring historical heroes, quests for rare items, and battles for fame and rewards.

My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer builder simulation game where players can own virtual lands, collect valuable items, and interact with other players in the metaverse. It takes place in a colorful open world.


With MemeWars, you can get ready for the first-ever Stake to Earn strategy game. Enter the world of tower defense and virtual battles, where your strategic decisions can help you win. MemeWars is an immersive game that you can play on the web, on iOS, and on Android. You don’t need cryptocurrencies to play. In this new play-to-earn game, you can come up with your own strategies, defend against waves of enemies, and stake your claim.

Meta Apes

Meta Apes is a free MMO where you play as a monkey in a world after the end of the world.


Metacade is a gaming platform that brings together gamers and people who are interested in cryptocurrencies in a lively virtual space. This makes it easier for people from the GameFi and Web3 cultures to connect and work together.


Nakamoto Games

Nakamoto Games is a play-to-earn and free-to-play ecosystem built on blockchain. It was made to give game developers and players more opportunities.
The Nakamoto Games was started with the goal of giving gamers and developers ways to make money through a play-to-earn ecosystem based on blockchain.

Nova Battles

Play Nova Battles for fun with your friends, or Play-to-Earn in this multiplayer online shooter game. Players must choose one of the numerous available Champions (avatars in the form of NFTs), which are all free, in order to play Nova Battles. And then use any game mode and a Map to compete against other players.

Nifty Football

Nifty Football is a fun and exciting blockchain game powered by the Flow Blockchain. The game lets you create and manage your own team as a football manager. Whilst getting your hand on precious NFT’s.

NFL Rivals

Realize your fantasy of becoming a manager in the NFL and earning real money by playing this NFT and Play-to-Earn game. NFL Rivals will release in 2023 and is in the early stages of development. However, the good thing is that the game is partnered with the official NFL league. Hence, if you decide to make the decision to avail of their early access, you should probably go for it, given the kind of backing it has.

Nifty Craft

Nifty Craft, a 2D Sandbox MMORPG, boasts a player-driven economy, gathering resources, crafting items, classless combat, and thrilling PvP battles in real-time.
Venture into the extraordinary world of Nifty Craft, a 2D Sandbox MMORPG that revolutionizes the gaming experience. In this realm, players shape the economy, forging every item with their own skilled hands.

Nitro Nation World Tour

Nitro Nation World Tour is a much anticipated upcoming blockchain game under the banner of Mythical Games and Creative Mobile. The game lets players upgrade cars and race against opponents all over the world. Moreover, the game has an aggressive concept where the winner takes the loser’s car. Nitro Nation World Tour is in development phases and will launch in 2023 on mobile. The game is a nerve-wracking constant drive to win that you will experience in the Nitro Nation. The game has all the cars as licensed NFTs with no owning limit. Players can race across the globe and win hundreds of NFT cars from the world’s top brands.

Noft Games

Noft Games is an NFT P2E game powered by Binance Smart Chain.

Nyan Heroes

Nyan Heroes brings cats as heroes in a sci-fi inter-galactic blockchain battle game. Come join in a world where Cats (Nyan) are in a battle with each other, assisted by their Guardian Robots. The game is in a shooter-styled format where Nyans (cats) are in a battle royale with only one aim which is to eliminate others. Moreover, the best thing about the game is that the cats and the robots are cute-looking, retro, 3D cyberpunk-styled characters. These eye-pleasing characters are NFTs which are collectibles in the game economy.

Nine Chronicle

Nine Chronicles is a fantasy crypto games MMORPG set in a large fantasy realm driven by breakthrough blockchain technology that allows users to play how they wish in a unique moddable, open-source adventure.

Nestables: Interactive crypto-collectible game

Nestables is an interactive crypto-collectible game in which you can explore, breed, and collect cute animals. Nestables is a charming and immersive game that you can play on Ethereum, Enjin, Windows, and Mac. Find different species, breed them to make new ones, and add them to your virtual collection. Each creature in Nestables is an NFT, which means that you own it and can trade it with other people. Jump into this magical world and let the fun begin.

New Omega

New Omega is a space strategy game that runs on the Polkadot blockchain and has simple graphics and gameplay that never ends. It’s for people who like mind games.

Nifty Wizards: NFT WAX powered RPG in Telegram

The WAX blockchain powers the NFTs that power the RPG Nifty Wizards. Get lost in a magical world full of quests, treasures, and creatures from legend. As you play, you can pick up powerful and unique NFTs to improve your character’s skills and change how they look. Fight battles, finish quests, and find out what’s going on in the enchanting realm. Nifty Wizards uses the Telegram platform, which makes it easy for players to get to the game and enjoy it. Go on a great adventure and become a wizard of legend.

NFT2040: 3D Battle Royale Shooter for NFTs

By adding NFTs to the game, NFT2040 takes the idea of “battle royale” to a whole new level. Step into a beautiful 3D world where you have to fight other players to stay alive. Collect powerful NFT weapons, armor, and accessories that give you special advantages on the battlefield. Plan your moves, get good at shooting, and try to be the last player standing. With its immersive graphics, intense gameplay, and use of NFT, NFT2040 gives fans of the battle royale genre a heart-racing experience.

Nifty Ville: Open-world MMO game based on the real world!

In Nifty Ville, you can play an open-world MMO game that looks like the real world. Experience a constantly changing world where you can explore cities, try out different jobs, and talk to other players from all over the world. In a busy online community, you can build your dream virtual life, start businesses, and make lasting connections. Nifty Ville is an interesting MMO because it looks like the real world and has a lot of things you can do. It’s great for people who want to escape and meet new people.

NFT11: The Most Beautiful Sport now on the Blockchain Simulation

“NFT11” is an immersive sports simulation game that has just recently made its way to the blockchain. It gives sports fans a unique experience with its beautiful graphics and fun gameplay. Dive into the world of NFT11 and find out all the cool things you can do with it.


Novopangea is a play-to-earn online blockchain strategy game where players can own NFT land and earn NOVO and OBSD tokens on the WAX network. In the game, players can own buildings and worker NFTs that can be managed down to the smallest detail on a plot of land. Only PC users can play the game.




Oathbound is a high-fantasy MMORPG free to play, play and earn, blockchain game that combines tactical combat with established RPG class systems and a player-driven economy.

Oath of Peak

As an adventurer in Oath of Peak, you can explore beautifully made 3D lands where you can make friends with pets, monsters, and other adventurers.

Oni Mansion

Developed by Yomi Games, the Oni Mansion game is all about designing and building your own NFT house on the metaverse of the game. Moreover, the real attraction of the game is that players can mint their own NFTs. Built on the Polygon (Matic) blockchain, the players need at least one Oni NFT to access the game. This they can design and build on the Oni Squad website.


Ookeenga (OKG) is the first Vertical Multiplayer Real Time Strategy GameFi with breathtaking 3D visuals of nature.

One World Nation

The One World Nation is a game where players can build NFTs from the crypto coins they own and play different simulation games linked to the cryptocurrencies. Cryptonites are the NFT’s in One World Nation. Moreover, it is a fun cryptoverse experience where players earn real money while playing crypto games. If you are into crypto games, try this one for sure.

Outer Ring MMO

Outer Ring is a first-of-its-kind sandbox action MMORPG for the third person that uses blockchain technology to give players access to an open world. In this sci-fi MMO, players have economic power, look for legendary NFT weapons, fight in exciting PvP battles, and defeat dangerous dungeons.

Outlaw Troopers

Outlaw Troopers is a play-and-own NFT game in the FGL Metaverse based on virtual item collection using the WAX blockchain.

Outland Odyssey

Unleash your strategic prowess in the Solana-based game as you uncover new planets, trade resources, command your fleet, and engage in thrilling PvP battles.

Owloper: Let’s build together

Owloper is a unique game that has elements of building, working together, and managing resources. Work with other players to create a virtual world, build impressive structures, and make good use of resources. As a group, you build a thriving community by working together, being creative, and solving problems. With its interactive gameplay and focus on building together, Owloper is a fun and social game where players can use their imaginations and work together to make something amazing.

Olympic Games Jam: Beijing 2022

Olympic Games Jam: Beijing 2022 is a P2E mobile game where players compete in chaotic mini-games for NFT pins to bring back the excitement of the Winter Games.



Planet IX

Planet IX is a Polygon NFT strategy game where you can use IXT tokens and other unique digital assets to play to earn money.

Planet Mojo

Planet Mojo is a new metaverse with NFTs and a Play-and-Own gaming experience. A new WEB3 game built on the Polygon blockchain developed by veteran game developers formerly associated with LucasArts, Activision, and EA.

Planet Quest

In the exploration game PlanetQuest, users take control of their own planets and can evolve and improve them to raise their worth. Users can go on expeditions, gather resources, build bases, engage in fights with extraterrestrial monsters, look for game artifacts, and invite friends to play. The game has a decentralized plot that players, acting as representatives of their group, choose by voting on numerous dilemmas. Players, planets, and guilds all participate in PlanetQuest’s Play-to-Earn economy.


Designed on the 19th-century outlook of the great gold rush of America, Prospectors is all about scavenging for gold and trading it for real cash, cryptocurrency, a crypto games. Prospectors is one of a kind MMO game of economic strategy where the prospects are unlimited. Moreover, it is a decentralized app on the EOS blockchain technology which allows the players to build a social network during an alternate reality of the Gold Rush Epoque.


Pethereum is a pet-farming styled, play-to-earn, simulation, card trading game where the players can choose from a wide range of cute pet monsters as a companion to become part of different games. The developers plan to create more than 13 billion NFT pets within five categories.


PECLAND is a WEB3 innovative sandbox NFT casual social game. Players can create rich and personalized outfits, homes, and games and keep pets without restriction.


Sports have always been a major theme for many games, however, in the NFT game sector, there are a few games on sports and fewer still on the theme of boxing. According to the creator of the Prizefighter, it is a boxing experience that is developed on the fight to earn and move-to-earn models of NFT games.


The Pegaxy NFT game is currently in a 2D Version mode in its first phase. Pegaxy horse racing uses a random number generator (random number generator). This will eventually be upgraded to a more visually pleasing 3D version with more skill and strategy components, once the 2nd phase is implemented. Moreover, horse breeding will become even more essential in terms of improving a horse’s characteristics through rarer bloodlines.


Panzerdogs is a fun tank brawler blockchain game where you fight opponents in tanks. Fire, bang, dodge, and destroy opponents with your tanks to earn rewards. The game has both PvE and PvP fighting modes. However, before entering one of the game modes, players must first prepare their tank and dog avatars for a fight. Moreover, the PvP mode and the crafting process both require the use of an NFT dog avatar. Each dog avatar has its own unique appearance, including style, color, body, hat, and background.

Plants vs Undead

Plants vs Undead is a classic mobile-based tower defense game where you have your army of plants fight the undead and save the Mother Tree. The game is full of the colorful, cartoonish, yet comic landscape which serves as eye candy for the gamers. The catch here is the plants and gardens that you will build are your NFTs. Plants in the game act as NFT’s with value based on their rarity.

Phantom Galaxies

Phantom Galaxies is an interesting blockchain NFT space simulation game that lets you earn via several methods. It begins with Planet Neoterra being attacked by the alien clan known as the Sha’Kari. These aliens are members of the Sha’Har race’s priest caste, who are seeking retribution from humans for mistreating the planet.


Parallel’s story explains that the lack of energy on Earth made civilization unsustainable. Scientists exploited anti-matter as a source of energy in an effort to discover a solution. You will require an ETH wallet to store your NFTs because Parallel is an Ethereum-based NFT. You can buy, sell and trade these NFT cards on any NFT platform.

Project Moon

Project Moon has been a bit of a surprise for the community, as not much is known about it and there haven’t been any leaks. But here’s what we know so far. Tens of thousands of Dr. Disrespect gamers and supporters have been requesting and minting their “Variants” for months. These NFT avatars are what provide gamers their “Access Pass,” which then gives them access to Project Moon behind the scenes.

Poly World

Poly World is a promising upcoming free to play creature collecting blockchain NFT game. It combines both Web2 and Web3 making it unique in the gamefi category as it introduces monetization into a rich game world in the RPG genre.

Portal Fantasy

Portal Fantasy is a pixel adventure RPG game that merges both Web2 and Web3 domains. The game is driven by an epic story arc that promises an immersive experience.

Proof of Treasure

Proof Of Treasure is a precision geo-location finding game that already has a loyal and growing user base. Players of ‘Proof Of Treasure’ compete with each other in real-time to find the location of a Google Maps ‘street-view’ image visible in-game (the proof).

Photo Finish Live

Photo Finish LIVE is a play-to-earn virtual horse racing game where you can race against other real-life owners and create generations of unique offspring horses.

Pathfinders: Sci-fi top-down/space shooter

Pathfinders is a sci-fi shooter game that uses both top-down and space shooter mechanics. The game takes place in a futuristic world and has fast-paced action, tough enemies, and fun missions. As a skilled pilot, you can fly through space and fight epic battles and fierce dogfights. Pathfinders can be played on Windows, Ethereum, and Enjin. In this exciting sci-fi adventure, you can get lost in the vastness of space and show off your fighting skills.

Project Nebula: Embark on an Epic Space Strategy Journey

“Project Nebula” is a must-try if you like strategy games with a space theme. As you build your interstellar empire in this MMO, you can explore, gather resources, and fight epic battles. “Project Nebula” lets you get lost in a huge universe and leave your mark among the stars.


PolkaPets is the first NFT Collectible Card Game that is based on polka dots. This online game combines the fun of collecting cards with the challenge of playing Polygon and Polkadot. PolkaPets lets you own and trade unique NFTs, and there is already a presale going on. This puts you in the middle of an exciting crypto game.

Plant2Earn: A Defense Strategy Game with a Twist

“Plant2Earn” is an interesting game because it combines elements of defense strategy and card-based play. Set in a lively world, you’ll have to use your cards in a smart way to protect your kingdom from different dangers. In this exciting game, you’ll go on an adventure that will pull you in.



Quantum Noesis

Quantum Noesis is the world’s first playable, NFT-based graphic novel, where you can win crypto prizes, and unlock the ultimate puzzle: the mystery of consciousness.




Revoland is an exciting new blockchain NFT game on the Binance Smart chain. The game resembles the Brawl Stars game and offers multiple game modes for the players to enjoy. You need to get hold of at least 3 NFT Heroes to begin playing the game.

Reign of Terror

Reign of Terror is a mixed reality simulation, a Play-to-Earn MMO game built on the Solana blockchain technology. Additionally, Reign of Terror is a permissionless, decentralized crowdfunded platform of MMO simulation set in a cyberpunk dystopian future world. The timeline of the game is based on going through various tasks and activities of collecting different NFT items.

Riot Racers

Riot Racers is a new NFT game in the racing standards of the Polygon blockchain technology games. It is an idle racing game where players can start a new race by choosing the car and driver they can afford. Then, start the race which happens in the background without any active maneuvering of the cars. Working on the Play-to-Earn format, the players can earn RIOT tokens which are the game’s currency.

Raid Party

Raid Party is a blockchain technology Play-to-Earn game of adventure where the players are the heroes. Join friends and other players to raid any of the many dungeons. In a team, the leader will be the hero while all their supporting fighters will be the mercenaries. Moreover, in this Ethereum-based blockchain technology idle game, the play-to-earn format is used, so the more time you spend in the game, the more you will be able to earn.

Revv Racing

Revv Racing is the first 3D car racing game in the realm of Ethereum blockchain developed by Animoca Brands. It is a P2E Games (Play-to-Earn) car simulation arcade racing game where the players enjoy the thrill of the race while making money. What makes the game different from others is its good graphics which are scarce in blockchain games. Secondly, the low gas fees are also a plus point the game enjoys.

Rise Online World

Rise Online World ROW is a unique, exciting, fun, blockchain and Play-to-Earn MMORPG game. The game powers unique NFTs and offers a one-off combination of traditional and modern MMORPG.

Reality Clash: Augmented reality FPS mobile game

Reality Clash is a first-person shooter (FPS) mobile game that uses augmented reality (AR) to bring exciting battles into the real world. Immerse yourself in an augmented reality world using your mobile device and fight fierce FPS battles against virtual opponents. Explore different places, get strong weapons, and plan to beat your enemies. Blockchain technology is used in Reality Clash so that players can own and trade unique virtual assets. Step into the world of augmented reality warfare and see how mobile games have changed.

RatAlert: Train your NFTs to achieve higher earnings!

RatAlert gives you a unique way to play where you can train and improve your NFTs (non-fungible tokens) to make more money. Collect different NFTs with different skills and attributes, train them by doing different things, and then enter them in competitions to win rewards. Make a winning plan, improve your training methods, and you’ll move up the leaderboard. RatAlert combines elements of collectible games with strategic gameplay to give players a dynamic and interesting NFTs experience.


Rabona is a unique game built on the Hive blockchain that lets you manage a soccer team. Play the part of a soccer manager and help your team win. Rabona is a sports game like no other. The gameplay is fun and the matches happen in real time. Rabona is a web game that lets you show off your skills as a manager and compete against players from all over the world.

Reptilian World Order

Are you ready for the new way things will be? Reptilian World Order is a fighting game that will keep you on the edge of your seat and pumping your adrenaline. As you explore the worlds of action and strategy, you can fight in intense battles and use powerful moves. Reptilian World Order is a fascinating game for fans that can be played on Ethereum for Mac and Windows. Get ready to fight and show who’s boss in this world full of action!

R3v3nge Zombies

Introducing R3V3NGE, a fresh zombie shooter game for free-to-play action in this NFT-infused gaming experience. R3V3NGE emerges as a cutting-edge, free-to-play zombie shooter game, powered by Unreal Engine 5, boasting diverse game modes.


Rooniverse is a multiplayer mobile game that shows a magical metaverse full of cute and scary creatures called Roos. You can play to earn money with these cute tribal fighters.

Rumble Race

Prepare for an action-packed adventure in Meta Nanos Rumble Race! Challenge your distinctive NANOs, harness Power Gems for an advantage, and conquer fast-paced races.




Sādu is a play to earn, move to earn mobile app that lets you earn digital assets NFTs, i.e., natural capital. Your digital asset will stay with you wherever you go on the decentralized web.

Second World: New Era

Second World: New Era is a free-to-play, competitive and strategy mobile game that invites players to rebuild civilization one city at a time on a real-world inspired planet Earth. Besides that, players compete against each other to unlock troops and military defenses and level up in our global leaderboards to obtain special rewards.

Skate X

The new massively multiplayer online (MMO) game SkateX by Block Tackle promises players a “immersive, intense” experience. SkateX’s NFT (non-fungible token) skateboards, which are currently on sale till later this year, will serve players both within and outside of games. The first of its kind NFT skating.


Shrapnel is a treat for shooting genre fans and also acts as the Roblox for adults. The developers aim to create the first 3D AAA first-person shooting game that is highly immersive with a player-oriented building environment. The gameplay is modeled on the first-person shooting arena format. Players fight each other for survival by using their NFT weapons and looking for exclusive drops in the huge battlefield arena called the Zone. Within the Shrapnel metaverse, players who are extremely skilled will be able to become the “Operators”.

Sidus Heroes

Sidus Heroes is a WEB3 cross-platform gaming metaverse with interconnected lore, a cryptocurrency token, unique Play-to-Earn features, and an all-encompassing value system.


Smithonia, a creation of SmithyDAO, offers a staking and adventure realm with a unique hybrid economy. Players strive to enhance their weapon’s rarity through gameplay.

Solitaire: Earn real bitcoin

Solitaire: Earn Real Bitcoin is a fun-filled strategy board game, that now comes with the option of earning real Bitcoin while you play it! Solitaire is a classic game of cards that people have been playing for a long time.

Song of Rising

Song of Rising, a vibrant Pixel-style metaverse initiative, offers an innovative DeFi framework. With a user-friendly, game-inspired interface, it simplifies complex DeFi tasks for an engaging experience.


Supremacy is under development for the past year by the Ninja Syndicate developers. It is a Play-to-Earn metaverse where different games in battlefield mode are given. Additionally, the game website broadcasts the battle arena matches in real-time. The players can either participate or just watch the ongoing battle. Supremacy has teamed up with Twitch to make the viewership possible. Consequently, players can own their very own NFT mechs and earn SUPS tokens in return.

Scratch Lords

Scratch Lords is the first Triple F Play-to-Earn game (Fight for Funds) under the banner of the Notre Games with the collaboration of Animoca Brands. Players have the opportunity to grab NFT characters which are tradable in the designated marketplace.

Synergy of Serra

Synergy of Serra is a free-to-play NFT card game that lets players play and win money. Anyone can partake in the game and utilize the standard deck of cards. Moreover, the blockchain components add an additional degree of ownership. Players now have the option to truly own a deck of cards, as well as trade, sell, and do whatever they please with them.


Sorare is a football card game that uses real-life stats, form, and player skills to predict match results. If you think you’re a football expert, then try your luck to manage a 5-a-side team and win big. Sorare is a crypto games fantasy football game that has surged in popularity because of its ability to be both realistically entertaining and profitable. If you are into crypto games, try this one for sure.

Starfall Arena

Step into Starfall Arena, a high-speed MOBA, where your prowess, tactics, and combat instincts face real challenges. Starfall Arena emerges as a sci-fi fantasy MOBA, designed for 5v5 clashes within a familiar landscape for seasoned players of titles like LoL and DOTA 2.


StarHeroes offers thrilling space combat in a third-person perspective, allowing players to explore the universe, engage in multiplayer modes, and collect NFTs for an epic galactic adventure.

Summoners War: Lost Centuria

Summoners War: Lost Centuria: There’s a story here about conquest, monsters, and evil, but you’re probably not going to pay attention to it for the most part. It is a Play-to-Earn NFT game for fast thinkers with even faster reflexes. Level up, strategize, and lose yourself in this world of monsters.


Superior is an exciting third-person rogue-lite shooter game made by Drifter and powered by NFT. It uses Web3 and is brought to you by Gala Games. It is a unique third-person co-op shooter in which former heroes have turned bad and are putting the city in danger.

Star Atlas

Star Atlas is a metaverse-meets-crypto games, RPG Play-to-Earn game in which players can time travel to the year 2620 and explore the cosmos in an ongoing virtual adventure. The Realm of Star Atlas is separated into three categories: people, aliens, and robotic beings.

Swords of Blood

Swords of Blood is the first AAA-quality free-to-play PC game that will be released on Polygon blockchain. It is a hack-and-slash RPG game

Spider Tanks

Spider Tanks is a multiplayer NFT (Non-Fungible Token) game that features all-around tank battles. It features distinctive aesthetics, fast-paced gameplay, and a fun and potentially lucrative upgrade system. Spider Tanks has a lot going for it, even if it isn’t flawless. Fun, fast-paced, and strategic gameplay is created by a variety of maps and game styles. A considerable skill component of aiming, dodging, and team play adds to the game’s dynamic. One of the most intriguing crypto games available is Spider Tanks. If you are into crypto games, try this one for sure.

Space Misfits

Space Misfits is a blockchain-based MMORPG game that places a strong emphasis on player ownership. Players have full control over their in-game assets, which they can manage at their leisure. Instead of grinding and fighting with NPC’s, the game focuses on its story and engaging gameplay. According to their words, the development team in Space Misfits wants to create an adventure experience that changes frequently and gives players new options.


Skyweaver is a blockchain-based online trading card game. The cards are non-transferable tokens (NFT’s). It’s time to resurrect your childhood memories with this classic yet completely new card game. Skyweaver is a digital TCG experience, where you get to earn while you play!

Skyborne Legacy

Skyborne Legacy is an upcoming blockchain game under development by Revolving Games studio.


SolChicks is an NFT, MMORPG game based on the Solana blockchain technology. The game allows players to play as cute chicks and fight against the enemy SolFox in a fantasy battle.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a living, breathing virtual environment filled with user-made creations. Players can develop and create their own NFTs, such as avatars, virtual items, and even games. The creative part of the game is possible using VoxEdit and Game Maker tools. Players can not only utilize these virtual products in games but also trade NFT’s on the Sandbox Marketplace.


Splinterlands is an ever-expanding, fast-paced, metaverse trading card game. It allows players to trade anytime they want, battle opponents, and make real money with every win. Every player owns an NFT digital card that is used whilst battling opponents in a unique metaverse. In a world driven by blood and power, fight for the right to control and survive using primal energies and various manas.

Speed Star

Create a unique persona in Play-to-Earn Speed Star, get in the starting blocks, and race down the track for triumph! Although moving your racer only requires two controllers, your timing, rhythm, tempo, and composure will decide whether you win or lose. Earn game tokens like $JOC, $SPEED, and $STAR.

Shiba Meta War: War between Shiba Heroes and Monsters

Shiba Meta War puts you right in the middle of a huge battle between Shiba Heroes and Monsters. Engage in exciting auto-battles, place your Shiba Heroes strategically, and use their special skills to defeat waves of dangerous monsters. Collect rare and powerful Shiba Heroes, level them up, and evolve them to bring out their full potential. Fight other players in fierce PvP battles to show that you’re the best and move up the ranks. Join Shiba Meta War’s dynamic DeFi ecosystem, where you can trade rare assets and earn valuable rewards. Join the war, pick a side, and start an exciting journey full of strategic battles and money-making chances.


Shardbound offers a captivating multiplayer collectible tactics experience, blending intricate lore, profound strategy, and fierce rivalry.

Striker Manager 3

Enjoy the Nextgen of football manager video games, where the passion for football meets the innovation of web3 technology.

Supremacy | The Metaverse Game

Step into the world of Supremacy, an action, fighting, and strategy game that takes place in the metaverse. This game is powered by Ethereum and Binance and gives you a unique way to watch, play, and destroy. Immerse yourself in a thrilling world and show how tough you are by fighting against tough opponents.

Stellar Galactics: Recruit, train & build a team of space cyborgs!

Stellar Galactics lets you build a team of space cyborgs by recruiting them, training them, and putting them together. Strategize about how to put together your team, train your cyborgs to improve their skills, and fight other players in PvP battles. Collect unique NFTs that look like your cyborgs to boost the power of your team. Stellar Galactics’ sci-fi theme, beautiful graphics, and strategic gameplay make it a great game for people who like building teams and fighting strategically. Join the ranks of space commanders and lead your cyborgs to victory in the vast universe.


SPACESHIP WAR is a sci-fi fantasy card game where you can go on an adventure. This game on the Binance Smart Chain is one of a kind because it takes place in space and has intense card battles. As you explore the vastness of the cosmos, you can show off your strategic skills, collect powerful cards, and fight in exciting battles.

Super Crypto Battle

Super Crypto Battle is a battle royale arena game that you can play online with other people. It has a unique twist. It is a mix of Ethereum, web, and Android development that takes place in a battle-royale MMO world. In this game, you can fight other players in exciting battles and put your skills to the test in the crypto arena. Super Crypto Battle is a great game for people who are interested in crypto because it is based on crypto.


ShooterPals is a multiplayer action game that was inspired by the popular Super Smash Bros. In this survival and strategy game, you can fight exciting battles with your friends or with people from all over the world. ShooterPals is a fun and competitive game that is now available in beta. In this exciting play-to-earn adventure, you can expect intense action, smart moves, and unforgettable moments.

Sheep Land

Sheep Land is a fun simulation game that takes place in a world with decentralized money. Immerse yourself in the BSC DeFi Simulation and feel what it’s like to run a sheep farm. Sheep Land is a fun and engaging game for people of all ages that doesn’t require cryptocurrencies. Explore the beautiful landscapes, take care of your sheep, and watch them grow. In Sheep Land, you’re in for a cute adventure.

Sweat Economy

Sweat Economy is an app that pays cryptocurrency for movement. The more you walk, the more you sweat and the more you sweat the more you earn. A groundbreaking avenue for earnings and a novel method of value generation have been pioneered.


SuperWalk is a blockchain-based Move-To-Earn service that generates coins through walking, offering rewards for physical activity. SuperWalk introduces a blockchain-powered Move-To-Earn platform, offering tokens as rewards for physical activity.

Tales of Elleria

Tales of Elleria stands as a 3D GameFi RPG within the Arbitrum One ecosystem. It offers an exhilarating role-playing experience, allowing gamers to summon heroes, engage in missions, embark on quests, and conquer the uncharted.

Tanks For Playing

Tanks for Playing is played on a map made of tiles. Each player begins the game with two energy and two hearts, and their tanks have two tile ranges each. According to the order they came into the game, players are assigned locations on the map. Aim is to win $TANK and make money. So, the tempo of the game is divided into three different game modes.

Tearing Spaces

Tearing Spaces, a dynamic 3v3 MOBA, interweaves PvE and PvP interactions in a vibrant anime realm. Engage in quick sprints through mobs, epic boss encounters, and strategic disruptions of rivals.

The Beacon

The Beacon is a fantasy roguelike game built on the Arbitrum Blockchain. It combines RPG and MMO-style social gameplay with NFTs to create a dynamic gaming experience.

The Bornless

The Bornless is a thrilling PvPvE horror royale FPS that challenges players to face off against both rivals and demons. Unravel the dark secrets of the Bornless Ritual as you delve into the mysterious Church of Orobas. Arm yourself with black magic and powerful weapons, forming duos with partners to strategize and survive in this terror-filled environment.

The Fabled

The Fabled is a blockchain role-playing game (RPG) that is powered by Unreal Engine 5. Players can own NFT characters and earn ABYS tokens by playing the game.

The Walking Dead: Empire

The Walking Dead: Empires stands as a multiplayer survival game within AMC’s The Walking Dead universe, presenting players with the difficult task of enduring the harsh post-apocalyptic world.

Thetan Arena

A record-breaking six million active players joined Thetan Arena, a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, just two weeks after its introduction in late 2021. The game uses non fungible tokens (NFT’s) in the form of heroes that are offered on its market, where you may also buy and sell limited characters from other players.

Titan Hunters

Titan Hunters is an addictive Play-to-Earn game with fun and colorful graphics on WEB3 based on BSC blockchain technology. The creators of the game have compared it with Minecraft and Diablo based on the visuals. So, the game follows the story of Titan Hunters who roam around the planet in search of fictional cute pets called the Titans.

The Red Village

The Red Village Play-to-Earn game has massive earning potential and many players have already made decent earnings through its tournaments and leaderboards. Moreover, the game has already had two sold-out NFT sales in late 2021 and early 2022.

The Sprawl

The Sprawl is a WEB3 simulation game that lets you earn money and pay bills while living a virtual life.

Time Raiders

Time Raiders is an NFT loot and shooter game where players earn valuable NFTs that can be sold, traded, and bought to be used in the game. However, a lot about the game is still yet to be announced but what we know for now is the story behind the game and a little bit about the gameplay.

The Football Club

The Football Club is a Play-to-Earn NFT metaverse game that introduces real-world teams and players to the WEB3. Football is the most popular game throughout the world and fantasy football shares equal levels of craze among the fans. The Football Club is initiated on the Flow blockchain technology because of its quick pace, rapid transactions, and user-friendly interface. The first of its kind, the Football Club connects the WEB3 and metaverse with the concept of fantasy football.

The Nemesis

The Nemesis adds meaning to Web3 by reimagining the web through its next-generation metaverse offering. It also introduces AR and VR NFT play to earn games.

The Lost Donkeys

The Lost Donkeys, on the Arbitrum blockchain, combines PFP and GameFi elements, featuring barn construction and donkey dominance. In The Lost Donkeys, a dynamic PFP and GameFi fusion, players explore the expansive yet perilous Lost Land.


Treeverse, a NFT game, which was built in a retro, pixelated design, and was fully funded after their Founders sale. In less than one hour, buyers purchased over 10,000 Founders property plots.


Trident MMO offers an open, procedurally generated universe for players to explore, gather resources, and engage in various activities like hunting, battling bosses, completing quests, and more.
Geyser Forge Studios is behind the creation of Trident, a Free-to-Play blockchain game with ambitions beyond the crypto world, aiming to bridge the gap with traditional gaming.


Tezotopia is a yield farming fun NFT game where players can own NFT lands called Tezotops. Tezotopia is based on the Tezos blockchain technology, where players can opt from the two play modes or can play in both of them.

Tennis Champs

Tennis Champs is a competitive multiplayer NFT game that promises engaging gameplay, one-of-a-kind NFT characters, and live tournaments where you can earn $JRX.

Tiny Colony

Tiny Colony is a one-of-a-kind pixelated ecosystem on the Solana blockchain that offers a variety of games and experiences that do not require NFTs to play. It has a wide range of game modes, activities, and experiences, so there are always ways to have fun and make money.

Town Star

Town Star is a competitive blockchain game developed by one of the co-founders of Zynga. The game is a lot like Farmville, a farming simulation game, but there is a competitive touch in it with real money involved to acquire land.

The Medieval Empires: Ertugrul

The Medieval Empires: Ertugrul. The popular TV series undergoes a spectacular transition where the origin of the Ottoman Empire is now playable in an NFT Play-to-Earn game.

The Harvest

The Harvest is a fresh take on the classical MOBA shooting genre with the inclusion of a trading-card game to create NFT. These NFT heroes let a player dominate the world with a squad of heroes and fighters.

The Nemots

Once Wildcard, now The Nemots card game, the developers have renewed the name of the game. Join the new collectible card game on the NFT platform which is also Play-to-Earn games experience. Aim for glory in this high energy battle arena game for everyone. The Nemots, developed by Playful Studios, is the first installment in the Wildcard Alliance game series on the WEB3.

Tribal Books

Tribal Books is an online trading card game that you can play for free. It is a card game that you can play on the WAX network. It is in the pre-sale phase right now and supports NFT.

The Voice Crypto: The Voice Crypto in the musical metaverse!

The Voice Crypto invites you to explore the musical metaverse and let your creativity flow. Dive into a virtual world where you can mine and collect unique musical assets, make your own compositions, and play live concerts for a virtual audience. Meet other musicians, work on projects together, and build a successful music career in the metaverse. The Voice Crypto is an innovative way to combine music and blockchain technology. It gives musicians and music fans a place to express themselves and connect with people all over the world.

Trial Xtreme

Trial Xtreme Freedom is blockchain-based, compete-to-win, and World’s first Web3-powered, decentralized competitive gaming ecosystem. Experience the ultimate dirt bike racing adventure with Trial Xtreme Freedom. A mobile game that combines high-speed competition with the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The Crypto Prophecies

The Crypto Prophecies is a unique collectible DeFi game that combines price prediction and trading. This game is a lot of fun for players because it has cute collectibles and PvP gameplay. The Crypto Prophecies is a game that takes place in a world full of cute characters. It can be played on the Ethereum and Polygon platforms. Join the trading game and show how good you are at making predictions.

Turtle Racing

Turtle Racing is the newest hit in the world of games you can play to earn money. Everyone who plays games is interested in this exciting racing game. You can compete against other players in exciting races and win by using your skills and strategies. Turtle Racing is a fun and exciting game that you can play on the Binance website. In Turtle Racing, get ready to rev your engines and race your way to victory.


Traps is an interesting game on the Tron blockchain that lets you dive into the world of multi-PVP gaming. Fight exciting battles with other players from all over the world. Whether you’ve been fighting for a long time or this is your first time, Traps is a thrilling game with fierce competition. Traps is an action-packed game that you can play on the TRON web platform, Android, and iOS. It will keep you entertained for hours and hours.


Hypercasual Web 3.0 games on TNT are simple but fun to play. In this game, you can go on exciting adventures, solve puzzles, and explore interesting worlds. TNT is available for Android and iOS on the Polygon platform and promises hours of fun without the need for cryptocurrencies. In this exciting game, you can get lost in a world of adventures and test your skills.


ToshiMon is a fun arena battle game where you compete with other players by using cards you collect. ToshiMon is a fun game with exciting PVP battles and integration with Ethereum, which lets you trade and collect NFTs. Immerse yourself in this crypto-powered card game and feel the thrill of strategy-based card battles.



Uldor Dread Arena

Dread Arena, part of the Uldor fantasy world, is a web3 MMORPG set in an UE5-developed universe. Explore a vast open world, slay monsters, join PvP battles, and thrive in a player-driven economy. In the mythical realm of Uldor, Dread Arena emerges as a thrilling survival game where players must confront relentless waves of undead warriors led by the fearsome Dread King.


Undra is an MMO built on strategy and teamwork, where the community’s decisions and actions have a significant and long-lasting impact on the universe.

Undead Blocks

A multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) featuring zombies called Undead Blocks pits survivors against successive waves of bloodthirsty Undead. Undead Blocks will be the first AAA FPS title on the P2E Games (Play-to-Earn) market, developed by Kevuru Games (who have previously worked on several smaller projects like Fortnite and Star Wars Tales of The Galaxy’s Edge).

Undeads Metaverse

Undeads are a modern MMORPG survival game with extensive play-to-earn features and 10+ diverse playable NFT assets to choose from. In the world of Undeads, a multiplayer MMORPG, players find an array of income-generating mechanics allowing them to earn cryptocurrency while exploring a post-apocalyptic metaverse.

Untitled Platformer

Untitled Platformer is a classic multiplayer platformer that will take you through colorful 2D landscapes. In a retro experience, you can explore dynamic 2D realms and make alliances or mess with others.


Upland is a Play-to-Earn metaverse game like the board game Monopoly. The game requires players to buy tracts of digital land and build their real estate business in the virtual world. Like the real world, in this EOS blockchain technology-based virtual world, the land is addressed according to real-world places.

Untamed Isles

Untamed Isles is a turn-based MMORPG where you hunt monsters and tame them. It is based on Ethereum and is all about breeding. It is in the alpha stage right now, and you can play it on Windows.

Underground Waifus

Underground Waifus is the first digital collectible card game (TCG). It brings together the real world and the digital world, letting players get lost in the NFT and web3 universes.


Random Games, a venture-backed game studio, aims to revolutionize the entertainment industry through the Unioverse, their inaugural community-owned franchise, an epic sci-fi story presented as a series of video games. The Unioverse, a revolutionary sci-fi video game franchise, stands at the forefront of industry transformation, combining community ownership and web3 technology.


UGC-NFT is a one-of-a-kind platform with a lot of great features. It plays like an arcade game and is a platformer where you can collect things. It is in the alpha stage right now, and it works with NFT.

Unfamiliar Territory: Play-to-earn building game on Immutable X

Unfamiliar Territory is an exciting play-to-earn game that combines the fun of building with the chance to make money. Start a journey to build a virtual world, create complex structures, and unlock new ways to play. Sell virtual land, build buildings, and bring people to your growing metropolis to earn valuable rewards. Unfamiliar Territory is a fun game for people who like to build and be their own boss. Its play-to-earn mechanics and creative freedom work well together.



vEmpire: The Beginning

vEmpire: The Beginning is the pioneer in the metaverse world where it has owned properties and assets across all major platforms before metaverse was popular. The vEmpire Beginning DDAO is a decentralized project where the players have independence and liberty in the decisions of the world empire.

Very Nifty

You can wrap NFTs, mine $muse, and race in Very Nifty. This Ethereum-based game combines collecting, racing, and decentralized finance (DeFi). Very Nifty is still in beta, but it looks like it will be fun and competitive as you dive into the world of NFTs and find out what DeFi can do.


In an interesting mining simulation game, VIBEHub takes you on a journey to explore and mine planets. This game’s setting in space and other unique features make it a great way to get lost in the action. The web, Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS can all run VIBEHub. Start your mining adventure and find out what the crypto world has to offer.go


Void is an AAA multiplayer NFT Play and Earn game on the SOLANA blockchain, featuring fascinating worlds and arenas. Players customize characters, explore the broken world, and engage in thrilling PvP battles for valuable loot.

Voxie Tactics

Voxie Tactics, a throwback tactical RPG, draws inspiration from classic 1990s and early 2000s tactics games while infusing modern twists and updated mechanics. The game encompasses two main modes — Exploration and Battling, along with numerous RPG gameplay elements.



War Park

Hit Factor is making War Park, a free-to-play MOBA-style PC game with fast-paced battles between military vehicles that is backed by blockchain and is based on the blockchain.


WaveLings is a unique idea of introducing AI companions to the NFT characters which assist in the game dynamics. WaveLings is a full-world MMO game based on the Enjin blockchain ecosystem. The game dynamics depend on completing tasks and quests to achieve points, ranking, and of course cryptocurrency. One of the fun crypto games outthere.

The Wam App consists of Hyper-casual games, which are simple to play and easy to understand. These games have simple learning curves, don’t require any prior knowledge from the player, and don’t take a lot of practice to become an expert.

War Riders

War Riders is a unique game on the WEB3 side of gaming showcasing a vast post-apocalyptic world. In this world, you destroy vehicles and cars roaming around the wasteland and lot them for their parts. Moreover, each collectible part of the vehicle like the skin, the engine, the wheels, etc. is an NFT and is tradeable in the market using the in-game token called Benzene.


Welcome to Wizarre, the ultimate Web3 Game that brings the magic of NFTs to your mobile device! In Wizarre, you’ll discover a world of rare and unique NFT creatures known as Wizards. These powerful beings are yours to collect, trade, and battle as you compete against players from around the globe.

Wombat Dungeon Master

With its second season released after a long hiatus, Wombat Dungeon Master is gaining new popularity and place in NFT staking game pantheon. Utilize and control cute little wombats to find rewards, invade dungeons and find collectibles. The adventure is full of dangers and challenges, are you ready to throw in your cute wombats?

World of Defish

World of Defish is based on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain technology. World of Defish is a DeFi gaming experience meaning the world of the game is decentralized. The game allows players to experience fishing in seas, oceans, lakes, and rivers.

Wildcard / The Nemots

Once Wildcard, now The Nemots card game, the developers have renewed the name of the game. Join the new collectible card game on the NFT platform which is also Play-to-Earn gaming experience. Aim for glory in this high energy battle arena game for everyone. The Nemots, developed by Playful Studios, is the first installment in the Wildcard Alliance game series on the WEB3.

World Eternal Online

World Eternal Online is a sandbox metaverse game with an economy that is driven by the players. Much like many other MMORPG games, World Eternal Online is all about exploring a vast area in the blockchain metaverse to raid cities, form guilds, destroy monsters, collect resources, conquer lands, and craft items.

Wonder Hero

Wonder Hero is a turn-based Play-to-Earn game of strategy made for mobile platforms. Designed like anime characters, the game offers vivid, colorful, and attractive art. The game is built on the Polygon blockchain technology following the storyline of an apocalyptic future on earth.

Wild Universe

Wild Universe is a simulation of life and breeding. Wild Universe is a life simulator game that lets you explore a wide range of ecosystems and experience the beauty of nature. It is mostly about simulating breeding, and you can find and breed new species of plants and animals. The game is built on the TRON platform and can be played on the web. Spend time in the beauty of nature, learn about interesting animals, and make your own peaceful universe.




X-Metaverse is a Star Wars-like game on WEB3, built on the Binance Smart Chain technology. Players can use their huge spaceships to mine, breed, hunt, explore, battle out, trade, and synthesize in the X-Metaverse universe.

Xana Metaverse

XANA is an NFT-based blockchain infrastructure and robust DApps platform custom-built for the Metaverse.





Zed Run

Zed Run is a virtual horse-racing Play-to-Earn game on the Matic Polygon network where you can breed digital horses, manage stables, and participate in races against horse owners from around the world.


Zeal is a third-person action role-playing blockchain game in the development phase and is yet to get a launch window.

ZOO Crypto World: Swap, Stake, Battle, and Mine in the ZooCW Universe

“ZOO Crypto World” is an exciting card-based DeFi mining game that takes place in a universe where you can swap, bet, fight, and mine. Immerse yourself in this exciting world and you’ll find that it has a lot to offer. “ZOO Crypto World” is an adventure that you can join today.


Zeedz, a play-for-purpose game, first of its kind, aims to raise awareness and contribute to causes like the environment. Play-for-purpose is an innovative gaming concept developed by the Zeedz creators, blending gamification, education, and blockchain technology to foster awareness and fund critical societal and environmental causes.


Zeeverse is a free-to-play MMORPG game where Pokémon-inspired monsters called Zee Monsters are tamed by the players in a decentralized metaverse. Zeeverse introduces an MMORPG where players immerse in indigenous fantasy. As burgeoning Shamans, they explore a captivating Spirit Realm, cultivating remarkable allies named Zee.


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Discover the exciting world of P2E games and crypto gaming with blockchain games like Axie Infinity. These games offer a unique play to earn gaming experience, where players can earn rewards while having fun. Axie Infinity is a prime example of a play to earn gaming platform that rewards players for staying active in the game. Explore the world of blockchain gaming and start earning rewards today!

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What a delightful web-hopping adventure! Let’s go on a worldwide gaming tour, filled with fun and excitement.

Stop 1: Bonjour, France! Ah, the romantic streets of Paris and the thrill of gaming at await us. Time to don our berets and show off our gaming skills with a touch of French flair!

Stop 2: Namaste, India! We’re off to the vibrant land of India at Let’s immerse ourselves in the colorful culture and enjoy some spicy gaming action. Don’t forget to say “Namaste” to your fellow gamers!

Stop 3: Hallo, Deutschland! Guten Tag! It’s time for some precision gaming in Germany at Grab your pretzels and prepare for some serious gaming, German style. Prost!

Stop 4: ¡Hola, España! ¡Olé! Our gaming adventure takes us to sunny Spain at Get ready for some flamenco-inspired gaming moves and tapas for energy. Vamos a jugar!

Stop 5: Samba in Brazil! Time to samba our way into the Brazilian gaming scene at The rhythm of the carnival meets the thrill of gaming. Let’s dance our way to victory!

Stop 6: Ahoy, Dutch Gamers! Set sail for gaming greatness in the Netherlands at Whether you’re in Amsterdam or Rotterdam, Dutch gamers know how to have a great time. Let’s join the party!

Stop 7: Merhaba, Turkey! Our final destination takes us to the beautiful landscapes of Turkey at Get ready to savor some Turkish delight and enjoy gaming with a side of history and culture. Hoş geldiniz!

So, fellow adventurers, where shall we start our gaming journey? The world is our playground, and the web is our map!

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News Article Description:

Gamers, take note! In our latest article, we uncover essential insights to keep in mind as you dive into the exciting world of Play-To-Earn (P2E) gaming in 2024. This comprehensive guide explores the hottest trends, top titles, and valuable resources that will empower you on your P2E journey.

Discover the explosive growth of P2E gaming, spanning crypto games, NFT games, and web games, and grasp the unparalleled opportunities it offers. Our meticulously curated list of over 500 games across genres and platforms ensures you find the perfect P2E experience tailored to your preferences.

Watch captivating game trailers for a sneak peek into the immersive worlds that await, and delve deep into in-depth game reviews to make informed decisions. Stay ahead of the curve with the latest gaming news and explore our Top Games List, highlighting the best titles for both entertainment and profitability.

Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a newcomer, our article equips you with the knowledge and resources needed to thrive in the dynamic P2E gaming universe. Don’t miss out on this invaluable guide to unlocking your gaming potential!

FAQ for “Play-To-Earn, P2E Gaming, Crypto Game, NFT, Web Games List 2024”

1. What is Play-To-Earn (P2E) Gaming, and Why Is It Trending?

P2E gaming is a revolutionary concept where players can earn real-world rewards while playing games. It’s trending due to the growing popularity of blockchain technology, enabling unique in-game assets, and the potential for substantial earnings.

2. What Are Some Notable Crypto Games Featured in the Article?

Explore prominent crypto games like “Axie Infinity,” where players collect and trade fantasy creatures, and “Decentraland,” a virtual world built on blockchain technology. Find detailed reviews and insights on these and many more.

3. Tell Me About the NFT Games Covered in the Article.

Discover NFT games like “CryptoKitties,” where players collect and breed unique digital cats, and “Lost Relics,” an action RPG with tradable in-game items. Get an in-depth look at these NFT titles and their gameplay mechanics.

4. Are There Specific Web Games Highlighted in the Article?

Yes, we feature a range of web games, including “,” a multiplayer territory-capturing game, and “,” where players control a snake in a competitive arena. Explore these web games and more in our list.

5. Who Are Some of the Game Studios Behind These Titles?

Prominent game studios like “Sky Mavis” developed “Axie Infinity,” and “Axiom Zen” is responsible for “CryptoKitties.” “Decentral Games” created “Decentraland,” while “Cliffhanger Productions” is known for “Shadowrun Chronicles.” Dive into the creative minds shaping these games.

6. Can You Describe the Different Game Genres Covered in the Article?

Our article spans various genres, from strategy and role-playing to simulation and multiplayer. Whether you’re into adventure, action, or simulation, there’s something for every gamer.

7. How Many Games Are Reviewed in the Article, and How Were They Selected?

We’ve reviewed over 500 games, carefully selected based on their relevance, popularity, and potential for play-to-earn opportunities in 2024. Our team of experts thoroughly examined each title to provide you with the best choices.

8. Where Can I Find Game Trailers and Reviews in the Article?

Game trailers and in-depth reviews are conveniently located within the article. You can watch enticing trailers to get a feel for the games and read detailed reviews that explore gameplay, graphics, and overall experiences.

9. What Can I Expect from the Latest Gaming News Section?

Stay up-to-date with the dynamic world of P2E gaming through our latest gaming news. This section highlights trends, updates, and new releases, keeping you informed about the ever-evolving P2E landscape.

10. What Does the “Top Games List” Include, and How Is It Compiled?

Our “Top Games List” showcases the cream of the crop in P2E gaming, combining entertainment and profitability. It’s curated based on game quality, player feedback, and potential earnings, serving as a valuable resource to start your P2E journey.


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